What Your Immune System Really Needs

What Your Immune System Really Needs!

I have had a bunch of calls this past couple of weeks from patients and folks that live my community asking about what can they do for their sick kids and then of course for themselves.  As many of you know there has been an increase in infections particularly respiratory ( Lung )  and head /neck like sinus and ear infections.

What is happening? Why is it happening?

Most outlets will talk about kids not wearing masks and that sanitary practices are not as tightly controlled and that kids are more exposed that they were the past 2 years.

I would like to propose that we ask the question a little differently by taking a more proactive approach and thinking bigger picture.  It might go something like this “How do I balance the Body ( Terrain ) of my child or myself and the rest of my family?”

“What does my kid and my family need or not need to be healthy and balanced so that they are resilient and do not get every cold or virus that goes around?”

Balance is what your Immune System really needs

The immune system is our most important protection against everything going around. So it might seem to make sense that we’d want to ramp up our defenses. But when it comes to immune health, balancing is far better than boosting.

What this means is that when our bodies face threats from invading microbes, we want our immune systems to mount a proper response, not to under react or overreact, because either of those can lead to serious health problems.

So instead of giving your immune system a boost, give it balance—with complementary solutions that help fine-tune and train immune activity for optimal responses. Because a well-balanced immune system is truly your best defense.

A Whole-System Approach

The immune system is made up of thousands of moving parts that all need to work together with balance and harmony, including:

  • Natural killer (NK) cells, which mobilize when your body detects infectious microbes or cancer cells
  • Helper T cells, which send instructions to B cells and killer T cells
  • Killer T cells, which kill off any of your cells that have been infected by an invading pathogen
  • B cells, which produce targeted antibodies to fight specific invaders (a common cold antibody, for example)
  • Cytokines, which end the signals that activate immune responses and inflammation

The key to a proper immune response involves activating the right cells at the right time and shutting them down once the threat has been neutralized. But if the immune system is out of balance, that carefully coordinated response can go off the rails.

When Your Immune System Is Out of Balance

A healthy, balanced immune system responds to threats, neutralizes them, and then goes back into “watch and wait” mode. It doesn’t underreact or overreact. But an immune system that’s out of balance simply can’t work properly.

When your immune system underreacts, you’ll fall victim to all sorts of infectious viruses, bacteria, and other invaders, leading you to get sick more often and stay sicker longer. That’s because an immune system that under reacts can’t keep the bad guys out and can’t defeat them when they cause infections.

When your immune system overreacts, it sets off a dangerous series of events triggered by the master alarm protein, galectin-3. In this situation, galectin-3’s alarm signals don’t shut down when threats disappear. The immune system keeps sending out troops even when there’s no real enemy to fight, and those overstimulated immune cells start to attack the body’s own cells, which can:

  • Cause an autoimmune condition, such as Hashimoto’s, lupus, Crohn’s or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Cause ongoing systemic inflammation, which can lead to a range of chronic conditions including type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Trigger potentially Histamine responses which can  damage the lungs and other organs. ( It could be a food sensitivity, a toxin or too much exposure to something)

Balancing the immune system, on the other hand, delivers the protection you want. When you take steps to keep your immune system in balance, it effectively:

  • Strengthens your defenses.
  • “Trains” your defensive immune cells to respond properly.
  • Neutralizes pathogens.
  • Controls inflammation.
  • Prevents attacks on your own tissues and organs.
  • Stops dangerous overreactions—like cytokine storms—before they start.

A well-balanced immune system keeps you healthy and vital. So if you’re not feeling your best, at least on most days, your immune system may be letting you know that it needs help.

5 Ways to Balance the Immune System

It’s easier to keep your immune system in proper balance than you might think. By taking these simple steps, you’ll deliver steady, effective support and nourishment to your immune system—just what it needs to keep you well.

1. Forest Bathing/Nature Roaming

Studies show that spending time in green spaces—like a forest or meadow—helps balance and improve immune function. Make sure you and your kids get outside and in nature and away from electronics for a bit.

2. Calm Time

Some of you might be rolling your eyes at me right now.  It is never too early to teach your kids how to sit, breathe and be calm and quiet.  To teach them you have to do it too.. LOL..make it a daily practice that you do together. Kids get stressed out and we don’t always as parents acknowledge that.. if they are stressed out emotionally then their immune system will be impacted.  New school, new teacher,  etc etc

3. Reduce or Cut out all the Sugary Things

Y’all know this … so important. Also look for other foods that could be causing low grade inflammation like commercial dairy, wheat and all those fruit drinks. With the Holidays fast approaching and all the events this can be challenging.  Keep the big picture in mind.  You are supporting the immune system so it can be strong and healthy.

4.Hydration and Pooping?

Are they, your kids/you drinking enough water each day?  Are they/you going to bathroom on the regular.  Teach them early that they need to go to take out the trash so it doesn’t build up in their bodies. Teach them, that to do that they must be hydrated.

5. Have  a Natural Medicine Cabinet.

Having whole food and natural solutions on hand can help support the body and help it heal more quickly.

  • Acute: Congaplex Chewable are great from kids:  One a day for maintenance and up to I per hour if they are sick.  These nutrients will provide the body much need support and is great for bacterial type infections.
  • I also like the new Kids Immune Formula as it tastes great and provide much need mineral and prebiotic support to help the microbiome (Gut) fight invaders.
  • Cataplex AC is an antioxidant formula and it helps the body bind to toxins and removes them safely.
  • Minerals are also need to support the immune System.  I have a liquid one in my office that I love. Text me if you want more info or want to pick up a bottle.
  • Homeopathic Formulas are great for kids and they are liquid and we also have them in office to support bacteria, virus, and calming.
  • I also love Andographis Complex .. for more on that click here.
  • Last but not least you have to give the Liver some Love.  It is your largest organ of Detoxification. Livaplex, Livco and Milk Thistle Forte are my go to’s.

These suggestions can be found by clicking the link. Use my code for a 10% discount on your purchases. (W8MJSC).

Nourishment and Care

The immune system faces constant threats—pathogens, toxins, unhealthy lifestyles, chronic stress, and more. Working overtime to keep you healthy means your immune system—and your entire body— need nourishment, replenishment, rest and care, not overstimulation. These harmonizing strategies can provide the balancing support you need to optimize your defenses, and your long-term wellness, naturally.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the word is Nourish as we approach the Holiday Season.