Exciting NEWS!! We are doing it Again!

Exciting  News!! We are doing it again!

Many of you know about the famous Bear Parties and Bring a Bear to the Clinic events that we have conducted over the years. If you are new to us, then I will relay the story below to get you up to speed.  In the meantime…


My first year In Texas and on a whim, I sent a random email to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin. I told them about our annual Bear events and asked if they accept Bears. I thought what the heck right?

They came back immediately and said Yes!!! In fact, they said that stuffed (Bears) are our most requested item from families over the holiday period.

With your help and the help of others we collected 150 Bears in 2021!!


This year we are aiming higher and we hope to collect 200 bears, so that we have one bear for every kid that is in the Hospital on Christmas Eve.

I wanted to let you know ASAP so that you can make sure you pick up a bear as you are out shopping this season.

There are lots of ways you can help and get one bear or lots of bears to us.

We plan to take them to Dell’s on Christmas Eveish.

  1. Drop by the Clinic with your Bear at:                                                                              715Discovery Blvd. #404. Cedar Park 78613.
  2. Not in Austin then, no problem…Send one or MORE Bears via Amazon… LOL.
  3. Do your own drive and keep us posted so we can coordinate a time to meet at Dell Children’s Hospital

BTW.  Did you know that giving to others releases the neurotransmitter Dopamine? Who could use some of that this year? Hand up for more Joy…

A Big Thank You to  Courtney Holst for the artwork!

Our Annual Holiday Bear Drive 2022

The Story so Far…

We love to celebrate the holidays with our friends, family, and our clients (who are like family). We are also keenly aware that not everyone is as fortunate as we are, so we made the decision that all our holiday festivities should include a way to give back.

That was when the Holiday Bear Drive was born! We wanted the Bears to go to the kids who would not be able to be home with their families for the Holidays because they were sick and in the hospital.

It all started in Dallas, then it travelled to San Diego, where we made the silent trip on Christmas Eve to drop off the Bears at Rady Children’s. It is truly a humbling experience and of course there are more than a few tears rolling down our faces.

Now this special event is taking place here in Austin Ya’ll!

This year the Bears we collect will be taken to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin.

They told me that they love the Bear Drive idea and that a stuffed toy is their most requested item.

This year I am joined in this effort by the very open-hearted and kind Dr Melot and his family.

I am also joined by other local Doctors and Practitioners throughout the Austin Area who want to support this effort and help us collect big truck loads of Bears.

We hope you can stop by, drop off a Bear, take a pic and support #BRINGaBEAR.

We are accepting Bears from December 2nd – 22nd, 2022 Thank You!!

P.S. Can’t do it in person? Amazon works too! I have heard they ship for free.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks again for all your support and kindness.

Dr. Pia

PS. Have a healthy week.  If you had slipped off the Healthy Train , just say OK and jump back on it.  Don’t wait till Jan 2023… Your immune system depends on it.