At our office we take a unique approach to supporting your goal of consistent natural health for families by offering a whole person functional system of care. There are three major elements to health, PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL/NUTRITIONAL and EMOTIONAL. When one or more of these elements is not working well, it can cause you to feel pain, discomfornt, fatigue, stress, unfocused and simply not feeling your best.

We provide wholesome care for families that are looking to get to the root of the problem and we are passionate about ensuring moms have well babies and healthy families.

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Building Healthy Humans

By Dr. Pia Martin

Your Guide to a Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy for a Happy Healthy Baby

This best selling book is for every mom and dad that wants a beautiful and balanced pregnancy and a happy, healthy child. To do that, it is essential that they provide the building blocks of good nutrition, exercise, and emotional stability for themselves first.

P21 Purification Program

By Dr. Pia Martin

The P21 Program is a Purification Program.

It is simple, highly effective and perfect for everyone however it is especially important for soon to be pregnant moms and dads. It is about eating real food while you gently and effectively remove toxins bringing your body back to optimal health.

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  • How your Body Gets Rid of Toxins

    May 16, 2018
    Combat Carb CravingsWe get asked all the time ” How does the Body get rid of Toxins”?  so we thought we would answer your question. Most of you know that we offer Purification / Detox programs at our office.  Our most popular program is the P10.  The P10 specifically addresses the problem of too much sugar and simple ... Read more
  • Mothers:Celebrate all Women who Nurture and Care for Others

    May 7, 2018
    Happy Mothers Day/Month Everyone!  Rajneesh said”  The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  I think in many ways this is true, however I think there are many ways to be a mother and I might say that conception is when the woman becomes a maternal mother. I also know many women who ... Read more
  • Methylation and Epigenetics

    April 25, 2018
    Methylation and the healing power of Epigenetics. If you that have been reading my Blog or heard me Speak at one of the Life illuminated Events or have read my best selling book “Building Healthy Humans “then  you have heard me talk about a lot about Epigenetics and Methylation I thought you might enjoy reading this great ... Read more
  • The Story of a Mother’s Love

    April 16, 2018
    I have been wanting to share this story of a Mother’s love for her baby girl for sometime.  The lessons we learned on this journey together reinforces just how much environment effects health outcomes. Jane (not her real name) a type A mom, came into to office very distressed and at her wits end. Her  4 ... Read more
  • How to create a “Family Manifesto” and Why

    April 4, 2018
    We talk a lot about wellness topics like diet, exercise, sleep, stress, hormones, supplements and more  on this blog, however we do not often touch on healthy family strategies. The question we often fail to ask ourselves is, “what do we want our family to be like?” I love this dialogue between Katie of the WellnessMama fame ... Read more

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The Ultimate Protein Booklet

Dr. Pia Martin

Whether you are Building a Healthy Human or want to be a Healthy Human, The Ultimate Protein Guide will help you to understand:

  • Why you need protein?
  • How much protein do you need?
  • What types of protein are best for your lifestyle?
  • How protein works?
  • and much much more!

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