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At our office, we take a unique approach to supporting your goal of consistent natural health for families by offering a whole person functional system of care. There are three major elements to health, PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL/NUTRITIONAL and EMOTIONAL. When one or more of these elements is not working well, it can cause you to feel pain, discomfort, fatigue, stress, unfocused and simply not feeling your best.

We provide wholesome care for families that are looking to get to the root of the problem and we are passionate about ensuring moms have well babies and healthy families.

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Building Healthy Humans

By Dr. Pia Martin

Your Guide to a Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy for a Happy Healthy Baby

This best selling book is for every mom and dad that wants a beautiful and balanced pregnancy and a happy, healthy child. To do that, it is essential that they provide the building blocks of good nutrition, exercise, and emotional stability for themselves first.

Our Programs are designed to be simple, highly effective and perfect for everyone wanting to express their full genetic potential.  We encourage parents to be to get in great nutritional shape before conception so they can have a happy healthy baby. Our Programs are about eating real food while gently and effectively removing toxins allowing you to maximize health.

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  • Veggies aren’t as Nutritious Anymore

    August 6, 2018
    Why aren’t Veggies as Nutritious Anymore?  This headline in a recent USA Today Article grabbed my attention for a bunch of reasons. How did we arrive here?  Not thinking through long term consequences for decisions made in the moment? There are many articles that suggest that a balanced diet is all we need to be healthy and ... Read more
  • Want A Fresh Start? Hit Reset with our P21 Program

    July 23, 2018
    Has Summer fun been rough on your body? If so then it is time to get a clean slate, a fresh start and hit the Reset Button with our P21 program.  I don’t know about you but my body is telling me that even with my clean eating and daily yoga practice that I have been ... Read more
  • Will Your Supplements Work and How Long Will it Take?

    July 18, 2018
    The increased access to a lot of  health and wellness info has a lot of benefits, but it can also leave us feeling overwhelmed with options and with a medicine cabinet full of supplements that we tried for a couple of weeks and then stop wondering if they will work and how long it will ... Read more
  • To Hug or not to Hug

    July 1, 2018
    To Hug or not to Hug is now a big question and it certainly made me sit up and take notice.  Why?  Most of you know I walk my patients to the entrance/exit door and give them a hug… This also made me take a step back and think about all of us who touch ... Read more
  • A Different Way to Think About Allergies

    June 25, 2018
    Suffering from recurrent Allergy Symptoms?? Many people are and this week I wanted to give you a different way to think about the symptoms and help you uncover the root causes.  We often treat the symptom by using over the counter anti-histamine remedies or the more potent steroid drugs, which often help a little in ... Read more

Become the healthiest person you know. We want you to feel great and look great!

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The Ultimate Protein Booklet

Dr. Pia Martin

Whether you are Building a Healthy Human or want to be a Healthy Human, The Ultimate Protein Guide will help you to understand:

  • Why you need protein?
  • How much protein do you need?
  • What types of protein are best for your lifestyle?
  • How protein works?
  • and much much more!

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