When Dr Pia takes the stage she immediately engages the audience with her warmth, knowledge and style. Her message is always positive, aspirational and grounded in the power of conscious choices. It is obvious she follows her own advice.

Allanah Shelton, Founder & CEO, Life Illuminated Events

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Dr. Pia is a practicing Natural Functional Medicine Doctor, Speaker,  Active blogger and International Best-Selling Author.

She understands firsthand the spectrum many people are on between “just getting by” and thriving. Her path to a career as a Health and Wellness Doctor began in her early 20s. She was suffering from emotional burnout due to a challenging childhood, and a high stress, high demanding business life. A chance encounter at a coffee shop led her to study Yoga and Meditation. It was through her daily practice that she discovered the healing power of whole food, regular exercise, self-care, and meditation.

After a successful business career, she knew she wanted to make a complete career transition from business executive to a health and wellness professional.

Her goal is to help future generations have the best start in life. She envisions a world where everyone understands the value of self-care, so they can create a genetic trust fund.

Dr. Pia’s Speaking Topics:

1. The Art and Science of Wellbeing — Learn About:

  • How combining ancient wisdom with modern technology is the secret to great health
  • The power of self-care and conscious choices: Connect the dots so you can truly heal
  • How your value and beliefs shape everyone around you
  • How technology can help you or hurt you
  • How what you eat drink, think and supplement affects your genes

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2. The Importance of Prenatal Planning — Learn Why:

  • Where to Start
  • What are the Best Diagnostic Tests
  • What are the best Foods for Fertility
  • Suggested Supplement Protocol & My Prenatal Program
  • How we must support BOTH parents on the Journey
  • Clinical Success Stories

3. Understanding the Power of Epigenetics — Learn How:

  • You don’t have to wear the genes you were born with.
  •  To take control of your own personal health. You are the caretaker of your DNA.
  • Your good health creates a genetic trust fund for future generations
  • To set up your genes to express health to provide the best start for your family
  • Genetics loads the gun; however, lifestyle pulls the trigger


Your presentation was really terrific with so much “take home” value . I believe “functional health” is getting a lot more press these days; particularly with all the emphasis on taking care of our selves during this Pandemic. – Nelinia

Dr. Martin is a wellness doctor, speaker, writer and on the leading edge of body/mind fitness. She is known for her ability to teach her clients how to take more responsibility for their own health. She has spoken to the Ellermeyer Connect executive roundtable on several occasions and always receives “rave” reviews.
-Bill Ellermeyer

Congrats to Pia Martin for an insightful interview on FOX 5 San Diego. Great job of explaining epigenetics to a general audience. You Rocked it!
-Rob Kosberg, Founder of BSP

I have worked with Dr. Pia for years and I have had her as an expert guest on my podcast, “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” numerous times and her episode “The Essentials of Prenatal Nutrition” is one of the top five downloaded episodes of my show. Dr. Pia has a wealth of information for pregnant women and new moms and is able to teach it in a way that is easy to understand and even more importantly, easy to implement. She is my #1 reference guide I recommend to my pregnant patients.
-Dr. Jay Warren


I would like to thank Dr. Pia for participating as our program speaker at Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary for our December 17th, 2018 meeting.   This was a great presentation for our final meeting of 2018.  Dr. Pia shared her knowledge and expertise with our members in a tailored and relevant format.   Dr. Pia presents in a comfortable style and it is obvious that she walks the talk of health and wellness.   Her talk helped raise the level of understanding about the importance of lifestyle and how that relates to how our genes are expressed.

Neal Stehly

Carlsbad Hi Noon Rotary

I just listened to your episode on the podcast Healthy Births Happy Babies. I absolutely loved it. I bought your book as soon as I finished the podcast. You have really inspired me to think about everything I put into my mouth going forward in my pregnancy. I wish I would have heard your podcast earlier. Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

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