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Remove & Restore

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We understand that everyone is unique and that while there are good nutritional habits we can all follow sometimes not one size fits all. We conduct a thorough exam, listen to unique story, use comprehensive assessments and when needed functional blood work to uncover what you need to Restore function so you can be the Healthiest Person you know: We prescribe only exact doctor recommend Whole Food Organic Supplements designed to fill in any gaps your body needs. Learn more about Standard Process Supplements.

ReMove Toxins

We live in an extremely toxic environment. It is estimated that the average person eats his own body weight in pesticides and herbicides every year! Add in heavy metals, petroleum products, perfumes, artificial food additives and the hundreds of other chemicals out there and you get large toxic loads responsible for making many people very sick.

Food allergies and sensitivities are toxic to the body and on the rise. Many are unaware that they may have a problem with a food. The most common symptoms of a food allergy or sensitivity we see are fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and so on. We feel that it is vital to consider this aspect of possible causes in order to understand all that is contributing to any chronic health condition.

The body may also be harboring a toxic load produced from within by infections. Parasites, yeast and fungus are commonly found infections that create toxic which can make you very ill.

To deal with toxic stress we use homeopathic remedies, herbs, dietary changes and adjustments. We find that this step is critical for decreasing inflammation and giving the body a chance to fully heal.