Summer Travel Must-Haves: Natural Medicine Cabinet

Natural Medicine Cabinet

Summer Travel Must-Haves: Natural Medicine Cabinet

The number one question I get asked by my clients is,” what natural support do you take with you on vacation to make sure you stay healthy.”

I get it.  Summer travel can be fun but it can also be stressful.  We almost always  tend to overindulge in items that we do not usually consume. Yes, I tolerate a Caesar Salad with “Cheese” on it UGGH!! and who knows what mystery seasoning gets sprinkled on my Fish even though I asked for it grilled with olive oil.  You get the picture.

It is for this reason, I travel with certain products to make sure my digestion, my immune system and my stress level ( planes and airports) are supported.  Then when I get home I don’t have to recover from my vacation!!! The other thing I do is, I FAST when I fly.  Worth it for so many reasons and to do that well you need to prepare ahead of time.  Perhaps another post to go into detail on this topic.

Seriously though, supporting your health is the most important thing you can do for yourself!


  • Stress Support: Drenamin 2/2x per day, or Ashwagandha 2/ 2x per day.
  • Immune Support: Congaplex (covers a lot of bases and has antioxidants A/C and Calcium) It also comes in a chewable for kids.  5-6 per day. Immuplex ( has all the minerals and antimicrobial support) for the adults and there is a new Immune chewable for kids.  Yeah!!
  • Digestive Support: Enzycore and Zypan. Take 2 of each with each meal to support digestion and therefore also support immune function and elimination. For an all in one I also love Enzymix Pro from Apex.
  • Magnesium: Almost every American is chronically low in magnesium, so metabolic problems, sleep disorders and energy deficits really make sense. The interesting thing about functional medicine is that when we test someone and see their magnesium levels are low and we give magnesium a lot of the problems are resolved.  Take 2 before bed if you have trouble sleeping in a strange bed with those awful hotel pillows.
  • Liver Support:  The LIVER works overtime on vacation trying to detox all the things and it needs support.  Livaplex is a great overall product ( 2-3 a day) and I also love Milk Thistle.


  • Allergies/ Bites/ Skin issues etc:  Antronex is my favorite if I had to choose one product.  Antronex supports the Histamine pathway in the Liver. Take 2-3 a day for maintenance and up to One per hour if you have an allergic problem. Also for those who have essential oils… Frankinscense acts as a mozzy repellant.
  • B Vitamins: Like with Magnesium most of us are deficient in B vitamins. Specifically B1, B6, B9, and B12.  Only 12% of the population is metabolically healthy.  B Vitamins drive those pathways and without them we have low energy.  If you are a Veggie or a Vegan then Super B is my favorite.  I also like Cataplex B.  (side note: Alcohol, Sugar  and medications deplete Thiamine Vitamin B1).  It is a good plan to take 2 per day.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Omega 3’s are scientifically proven to be one of the best natural anti inflammatories available. I love Olprima EPA/DHA.

For the Little Ones I like a line of products from BioRay. Here is my code for the Bioray to get 10% off your purchase.   DrPia10. 

All these products mentioned are from Standard Process (except Super B and Enzymix Pro which are from Apex.  You can go to

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Last but not least, the nutrient that most of us do not have enough of  is plain ole H2O.  That is right,  most of us are chronically dehydrated.  Dehydration causes all sorts of issues.  Dry everything both inside and out. It is even worse when we are on vacation… Peeing can be inconvenient.  We are at the airport and dealing with TSA security, we are on a plane in the middle seat,  we have to stop the car to pee, ( Oh no! ) we are out in the sun, in the water, etc etc… BTW … just in case you are thinking I will catch up at meals… That is not a good idea. WATER with meals dilutes digestive juices that are needed to process the food we are going to eat.


I want you and your family to enjoy your summer vacation and at the same time be healthy. To do that it takes a little preparation and thought.  Me, I do a little research on good places to eat, find the local natural food store so I have some healthy items on hand. I pack my natural medicine support by putting each day’s supplements in a little zip lock so it is easy and takes up no room in the suitcase. I also travel with my water bottle!!

Have a great time, stay well and make great memories with your loved ones.

Be Healthy

Dr Pia