Updates and Do What You Can Do from Dr Pia:

Before I get into the Updates and Do What You Can Do, I wanted to talk a little bit about where we are in the world right now.

Well….. here it is the beginning of April. A time when we usually focus on renewal, new growth, buds blooming, and awakening. Only this year it looks a little different for some and a lot different for others.  It is hard to focus on anything when we feel so vulnerable and our incomes and the life we thought we were doing flips upside down. So barriers are up in the way we usually do life.

Everywhere we go there are DANGER SIGNALS!!!

Having said that we NEED to prioritize our wellbeing NOW more than EVER.

We as humans are really good at dealing with the threat in short bursts.  This is different,  this is a perceived or real threat that is longterm.  This type of prolonged stress can over time lead to BURNOUT and more serious health conditions and a very depleted immune system.  Many of us have been pushing too hard for too long…😳. We need to get back to the fundamentals of what keeps us well as Humans.

Immune Resilience and DO WHAT YOU CAN DO

This is why we can’t stop doing healthy good for you things. I know it’s hard… that is when we go ahead and do it anyway. Try not to focus on what you can’t do, but on the things you can and must do to be Well.

We are going to get through this and I want for all of us to do that in a way that will allow us all to thrive when the threat has passed.


Do What you can do.

Listed below are some of the resources we shared over the last few weeks that can help you improve your immune resilience.

Your Whole Body is Your Immune System

Future Proofing

Natural Immune Boosters

A great conversation about relationships during this Time


I am going offline for a couple of weeks y’all while we transition to our new Home in Austin. TX.  We expected to be settled in by April 13th.  We are taking every precaution and we are excited about this next season for us.

As many of you know we transitioned to a Virtual Practice Feb 1st. 2020.

I am ready and available to serve you and your family.  We offer Science Guided Wellness, Functional Holistic Nutrition and Healing.   Let’s turn this crisis we are experiencing into a positive by taking action and taking the steps necessary to be in the Best of Health for the Future.  A strong immune system is our best defense!

Hugs… oh dang… this is the part I miss the most is the Hugs..Also a shout out to Bon Jovi… #Do What You Can Do

Have a healthy two weeks and talk to you soon

Dr Pia