Future Proofing

Future Proofing is really hard to do when we are in crisis mode. I have definitely lived through times of uncertain and ambiguity.  Never ever like this though….

This time in our lives is historic and the information coming out from various organizations is confusing and contradictory at times… It is down right scary.

I know only too well as I am one of those people that feels things..  I think some of you know what I am talking about.  One has to protect one’s wellbeing emotional as well as physically and nutritionally. I think that is why I was  drawn to Meditation, Music, and Yoga at an early age.  Those daily practices allow me to show up with more focus, they help me build inner strength and support me when times are tough.

Here’s what we do know …It is very clear.

Your Health Matters!  Resislence Matters! YourWellbeing Matters!


With that said, what can you do now to improve the quality of your wellbeing?

What changes can you make now that will help you live your healthiest life??

Please don’t wait until things settle down… or get back to normal… what ever that will look like… If you  choose to do that you will have to play catch up..

This is the time to Re: Group, Re:Think, Re: Evaluate.  What do you want your life to look like???

Taking some simple consistent steps now while you have some mandatory down time will ensure you will  Be the Best you can Be for the Future!

I love this Future Proofing text I got just the other day.. ” I just wanted to tell you that I am grateful for you. You introduced me to amazing nutrition a long time ago.  I am just completing your P21 program with mom.  We both feel amazing!  Talk about perfect timing to be in  great health”

If you want to do a simple version of the Program let me know and I will give you the tools and waive my fee.  You just pay for the Whole Food Support Shake and Supplements.  Text 214 8696404.

BTW… I am here for you:

If you need support

Do not quite know where to start

Need an expert to help you put the pieces together and make a wellbeing plan

Need accountability to help you stay on track

Want a safe and convenient Digital visit with a Functional Healthcare Doctor.

We have been doing Virtual Visits for a while now and so glad we made the shift because it is looks like it will be the preferred platform of the Future. For the next 2 weeks we will open up some extra time on the calendar so that you can jump start your Future Proofing Program. Book Online

Here is a link to some fitness suggestions from a kind caring member of our tribe

Together let’s Stay Strong

Social Distance Hugs

Dr Pia