A New Way To See The Doctor

Many of you have asked me to offer Virtual Wellbeing Visits.

Well I heard you and we have made Monday’s available on the online appointment calendar.

The Hours are from 10.00 till 5.00pm PST.  You can book a 30-minute visit or a 50-minute new patient visit. We will use ZOOM as our Preferred option unless you prefer the PHONE. You will get an invitation from me to join as well as a reminder.


I will also offer the option to ask me a quick question … and I mean quick for FREE.  You can email me at drpiamartin@gmail.com or text me at 214 8696404 and ask me anything.

The Quick Question service is only for existing clients.

As you know I consider myself a carpenter.  My goal is to be a great Doctor that can help you be better and help you re-establish order and have a life that is resilient and focused on wellbeing. We look at the whole environment to do that.

In a WELLBEING MODEL we know that everything is connected.

  1. RE-Establish conditions that set you up for health and healthy habits. In most cases it is a combination of actions that need to be addressed. Together we look at the whole environment.
  2. RE-Move… this could be unhealthy foods and drinks, or it could be a toxic job.
  3. RE-Place … this is where we typically look at your daily habits and decide together where to start. This phase is different for everyone as everyone is unique from their genetics, to their diet preferences and so on. It all matters including BREATHWORK.
  4. RE- Inoculate… We stimulate healing using the power of nature. In this discussion we will suggest highly dense whole food and plant-based nutrients to help you better digest and absorb the foods and liquids you are consuming. In many cases we will also need to add pre-and pro-biotics.
  5. RE- Pair…Often this is the area where we need to add support to the Endocrine System. We will look at Adrenals, Thyroid, Immune, Liver, Sleep, and Sex Organs. Typically, we need to calm the system down from a highly stressful state so that the body can begin to heal. You know the saying that “Given the Right Stuff the Body can heal ITSELF”
  6. RE-Balance…. This is where we fine tune after a period of time usually 90-120 days. In some cases where someone has been chronically sick for a long time then this is the place where we recommend a DETOX / PURIFICATION PROGRAM. My goal for you is Resilience.

I am looking forward to supporting you on your wellbeing journey… Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone who is looking to be a healthier version of themselves. This is where we can offer you the time you need to be heard and finally solve your health problems. …..

Wellbeing focuses on the whole person living in the real world.


We know that everyone is unique and our goal is to support you and your journey by offering customized plans  that include diet and condition specific from nature  supplements to achieve optimal health.

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