We now need to be serving a New Normal!

There has never been a time in history that has made this statement more needed.

When we are under stress for long periods of time we struggle with the question of CAN we actually do what we need to do to be healthy???  We feel stuck and hopeless,  so in most cases we do nothing or worse we self sabotage with lots and lots of comfort food😳

Can we do the things we need to do that will improve our overall health and wellbeing?

Can we make the choices we need to make to improve our immune function so that we do not live with the FEAR of the FUTURE?

Do we even have the energy or the bandwidth to tackle change and the newness that comes making different choices?  Most often we just plain feel tired and now we are also struggling with “Lock Down Weight Gain”…. Right?

We have all been in this strange and different place for many weeks now and it seems like it will be a few more weeks until we get back to “normal” or whatever that looks like. I would like to see our New Normal be better and more vibrant Wellbeing!


What I would like for all us, is to not not have any regrets about this gift of TIME that we had during this Stay in Place Mandate.  Trust me I have had my moments when this GIFT didn’t seem like a gift… After all I usually get to treat and hug lots of people everyday for a living and …then bam.. a new normal.. I can Video or Phone Hug.. which is great, just different😀.

It has been an adjustment to say the least.

What has kept me calm and clear these past weeks has been my commitment to Healthy Routines.

  1. Sleep
  2. Water (at least half your body weight in ounces)
  3. Exercise: Walks in nature and my Yoga Practice
  4. Lots and Lots of Plants…(Veggies)
  5. Limiting Screen Time and Inflammatory news stories
  6. Whole food Supplements to fill in the micro-nutrient gaps. ( I have definitely uped my intake of Adrenal and Immune support as well as Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. (Digestion doesn’t work well under stress )


It is the dialogue that says ” I wish I had  (fill in the blank) when I had the time so that I would be or could be (fill in the blank) “.

Now is the time to choose a New Story….A New Normal

  1. Lose the lockdown weight
  2. Improve your energy
  3. Improve your Diet
  4. Balance Hormones
  5. Improve Digestion
  6. Balance blood sugar
  7. Get back on track ….and more…

If you need support??  No .. silly question.  We all need support … I am here for you.

We have never had a wake up call like this before in our history.

The Data is clear. Those folks with healthy life habits are less likely to suffer from Immune Challenges.  Challenges due to an immune system that over reacts, or lack of healthy gut microbiota to help fight off viruses due to malabsorption or the lack of micro nutrients due to poor diet and nutrient insufficiency.

I am offering virtual visits … we can choose Zoom so I can see your face or we can meet on the phone.

You can book online at or text me at 214 8696404 to secure an appointment.  If you are new then there will be some paperwork to complete before we meet.  We want to keep it simple and easy for you to take the steps to better health and improved wellbeing.

Create your new normal today

Have a Healthy Week Y’all!

Dr Pia