Natural Immune Boosters

Gratitude and Joy are Natural Immune Boosters!

Gratitude improves our brain function by turning on certain neurotransmitters that create calm and joy. We all need extra doses of calm right now so we mitigate these times and protect our Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The more you truly recognize the things you are grateful for the more hope and joy you experience.  The more joy you experience the more grateful you become.

Gratitude boosts our immune system naturally and we could all use a lot of that that right now. Especially right now… I think we truly need to double down on Gratitude and hope right now.

Stress has a longer shelf life than you think!


I keep saying to myself, “Let’s hope that these tragic weeks and maybe months of standby will help us go deep into a sense of mindfulness and achieve a new way of approaching how we make choices.” We’re called to confront every single aspect of our daily lives—we’re forced to question every single choice we make now and how we’ll probably have to live with it in the future.

“Okay, the world is teaching us something now, probably it’s saying that we have to slow down—I have  been repeating this mantra to myself  for weeks, now we’re forced to listen to it and act. Maybe it isn’t that bad after all; let’s take things as they come and let’s try to keep on going.” It is hard to right???

Everyday I spend time writing down the things I feel grateful for. I find that  it is more important than ever to do this exercise.  We need to offset the constant reminder of scarcity, fear, lack of control,  frustration, change etc etc.

I have also added extra stress support to my whole food supplement routine. More than ever we need to ensure we are able to handle this continued on slaughter of stress using natural and healthy means.

My favorites are Drenamin, Adrenal Complex, Ashwaganda Complex, Min Tran, Kava Forte. I also like Adrenal Daily Health Packets as they are easy and have all the nutrients you need.

I want you to have access to whole food and plant based supplements that are of exceptional quality. Support that Feeds the Body at the cellular level.  This is my wellness code. W8MJSC.  I am also OK if you pass it forward to all who need the support.  I want to make that we serve as many people as we can during this time.

You can go to and set up an account on the patient direct link.

Research has shown that feelings of Gratitude improves our brain function by turning on  certain neurotransmitters that create calm and pleasure.  It is hard to be stressed out when you are truly feeling Gratitude, so these feelings help tone down the nervous system and we experience a greater sense of well-being.

GRATITUDE is a Natural Immune Booster

 ” What are you grateful for today?”

You could write the same thing over and over and that would be OK, however what if you challenged yourself to write something different everyday. What would that look like?  For me it meant that I had to focus on details.  It caused me to reflect a little more deeply in order to answer the question.

So I challenge you to take a minute to two and do two things: 

  1. Write down in a journal 5 things you are grateful for everyday and do it each and everyday …
  2. Make a list of 10 things that you are also doing to improve or maintain your health and make you SMILE even when times are tough!!! especially when times are tough.

Here’s My top 10 NATURAL IMMUNE BOOSTERS  list:

  1. Snuggling with my hubby and putting my nose in the crook of his neck and taking a big deep breath.
  2. Enjoying a big bowl of green leaves and lots and lots of Veggies
  3. Savasana after a warm at home Yoga Practice
  4. Being outside in Nature and watching the sunset even if it’s from my balcony
  5. Having hot Tea via Zoom/Phone with a friend and Laughing a lot cause we feel so comfortable with each other
  6. Savoring a  cup of Nesspresso coffee in the morning. It tastes amazing and looks like art.
  7. Helping and supporting people on their Wellbeing Journey
  8. Time to read and Learn…
  9. Smelling and eating Cilantro
  10. Sitting in a comfortable seat and Meditating with my group online

I keep feeling we need more than ever to focus on our mental wellbeing if we want to be truly healthy.  A healthy diet, exercise  and supplementation  will not provide true wellbeing unless you also focus on MOOD and MINSET and ways to reduce your Stress response and boost your immune system.

I hope that this article was helpful and also provided you with some ideas and tools to help you navigate this very challenging time in our history.

Remember: Stress has a longer shelf life than you think!

I am beyond Grateful for all of you and you are helping me keep my Immune System Boosted.

Thanks so much all the kind and wonderful comments I have received this past week. Truly Blessed.

Dr Pia