Your Whole Body is Your Immune System

Your Whole Body is your Immune System.

The human body does not have a single immune system.

The Coronavirus is a Retro Virus which means that it attacks our DNA via our RNA. This is why it can be challenging to treat and why it thrives in a compromised “immune system”. So let’s look at what that actually means.

It is better described as an immune alliance among various systems and organs, which is then coordinated by the brain. The brain then gives an immune response(message) to the presence of disease associated factors, such as certain bacteria or viruses.

I wanted to share this information because I think we need to think a little differently about our Immune System.  With all the information that has been circulating about what we can do to support and or help our immune system we need to also think about how that information supports us wholistically.

As humans we are always looking for a quick fix… we are all guilty of this is many ways not just regarding our health.  Let’s be real for a minute… Washing your hands is a good practice right?? If you only do that and continue to stress, have  poor sleep habits, eat sugar etc etc … you get the picture? The hand washing will only provide minimal protection.

The health of “the immune system” is actually the health of the whole person

The immune alliance is composed of the thymus (endocrine) for lymphocytes and the spleen (lymphatic, blood) for antibodies. It also is comprised of the  long bones (skeletal) marrow-blood, stomach (digestive system-HCI in the Stomach to destroy ingested parasites), intestinal flora (digestive) to destroy pathogenic microbes and manufacture B12 and the liver for detoxification and enzyme production.

Therefore, what is referred to as the immune system” cannot be enhanced without enhancing the overall health of the whole body.

Whole Body health is the key to a Balanced Immune System

With this complexity in mind, it becomes clear that a multifaceted approach must be made to stimulate and strengthen these diverse aspects.

Detoxification followed by fortification and nutritional maintenance is the long-term approach to supporting the whole person.

I am hopeful that this crisis that we are all  going through together will cause us to rethink and refocus our collective energy towards wellbeing.  It is powerful to see what can happen if we supported each other in this endeavor.

I am here for you… Sign me up!

Have a healthy week and I look forward to seeing you

Dr Pia