An Invitation to Thrive in 2023

An Invitation to Thrive in 2023

The key to creating the life you want almost always involves Change, to make a different  choice, to take a chance in a positive towards what you want. It is not a choice/s you make only once it is a choice/s you make consistently that make the difference!

It doesn’t need to be a sweeping choice or lots of choices, it is best if it is just one.  One that you can choose for yourself until it becomes an atomic habit (Buy the Book) and it just is.  Then you make another choice and so it goes toward a healthier life.  There will be setbacks, however it is how we handle those setbacks that is key!

The other key to creating the healthy life you want is create space for new possibilities and new habits.  If we do not take this action then we set ourselves up for overwhelm and more stress. Not always easy but so worth it!!


In my practice the most common thing I see is that we as humans are very good at taking care of others and not so good at taking care of ourselves.  Why is that? Cause it is hard! We have to do the inner work and that can be really hard, often messy, painful and takes us back to times we want to forget. We can also use this as an excuse.  It goes like this… I can’t because or I have to because…so many reasons.

My hand is up.  I get it take care of others for a living and in the early days I struggled with that boundary and the truth is I still do, however I am better at it today than I was.  The reality is that I know that I must take care of me first  (Not perfect but a work in progress) if I want to be 100%present and provide the best care of others.

I have also learned over the years that everyone is different and while they might have similar symptoms or ailments the journey to that, ailment or disease etc  is very different.

The other thing I have learned from years of clinical practice is that our physical body remembers the Past… Yep… The sum of who you are today is the sum of all of the things you were exposed to, did or didn’t do, trauma, your thoughts, feelings and the list goes on.

This is why Healing can be hard and is also very different for each person.


We are being reminded on a daily basis just how our emotional health and our physical  health are intertwined.  So for 2023 my goal is that you notice what you take in and ask the question.

Does this Nourish me ?  Will this action, thought, food, supplement, friend etc help me flourish and nourish in 2023?

I’m also proposing a mindset shift for this coming year for all of us. Instead of looking at your life and asking, “What needs fixing?” or “What ‘bad’ behaviors do I need to change?” what if you asked yourself:
“What choices can I make that would make 2023 more peaceful, healthier and more joyful?”
“In what ways can I allow myself to grow next year?”
“How can I help myself flourish?”

Shifting our mindset, shifts our feeling, shifts our choices and therefore our wellbeing.


Fresh starts and recommitments.
While it’s common to think about what you want to clear from your life for good, it’s also important to ask: What beneficial things did I learn this past year that can I bring forward with me to 2023.

It could be anything: A writing routine. Walks in nature. Clearer boundaries. The courage to speak your truth. Hugs and high-fives.

The art of choosing what you do (or don’t do) is essential to being the author and artist of your own life.

Knowing your want’s sets a clear path for the days ahead. It brings your heart into the conversation, and together you set the GPS: More of this, please.

One of the best ways to support your Fresh Start is to have someone who is an expert in connecting the dots help you figure out your Roadmap for Wellbeing and hold you accountable.  I am here to serve and will be available in clinic and virtually Jan 3th 2023. BOOK ONLINE

Here’s to happy, healthy days ahead for all of us!!!

Happy 2023 and here’s to thriving.

Dr Pia

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