Stress + Sugar = Scary

Stress + Sugar = Scary🎃

I know you read the headline and thought…. that Dr Pia, she is such a party pooper. Seriously though, we have all had a lot to deal with the past months and anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges are at the highest levels we have ever seen.

If you add Sugar, Holiday Treats and Halloween to the mix you have a recipe for a depressed immune system and that is something all of us are trying to avoid.

We have to more mindful than ever this year to resist the temptation to load up on baking all the things and adding all the sweet treats.


Doing everything you can to keep your immune system strong can feel like a lot of work. Committing to an exercise routine, good sleep habits, taking supplements, stress management and good nutrition is no small feat, but well worth your time and effort when it comes to staying well. But what if all your valiant efforts could be undone (for about five hours) just by eating one certain food? Yep, you guessed it! Sugar!!


If your sweet tooth has emerged with a vengeance during stay-at-home orders and quarantine, then listen up: according to nutrition studies and health experts, you might want to rethink your sugar habit. “Too much sugar in your system allows the bacteria or viruses to propagate much more because your initial innate system doesn’t work as well.”

White blood cells, also known as “killer cells,” are highly affected by sugar consumption.  Sugar hinders the immune system because it creates an inflammatory cascade.  These “killer cells” are then not able to do their job and destroy the bad bacteria or viruses.  That then leaves you vulnerable to the very thing you have spend months trying to avoid.


To be clear I am not saying that you shouldn’t have a sweet treat once in a while, I am saying limit your intake.  If you have the baking bug look for treats that are “Keto Friendly”.  There are some fun ways to incorporate Dark Chocolate, Peppermint, Nut Butters, Coconut as options if you get creative and they taste good too. Click here for some spooky suggestions.

There are also lots and lots of great chocolate choices out there right now that are low sugar, actually considered good for you and taste great.

So I am nudging and encouraging you to get creative and be super mindful about what you consume and how much this Holiday Season, especially in this time of high level stress and vulnerability.

I am now getting off my Sugar Box and want to share some great news;  My favorite Supplement company has just released Immune Packs.  They are handy dandy and there are two options to choose from.  This makes taking care of your immune system during this spooky time super easy.  All you need to do is add Cataplex D.

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Have a healthy week Dr Pia