Use your body to help your Mind


About 10 years or so ago I developed a High Energy Healthy Habits Tracker for my patients.  Nothing fancy, no digital tracker just a piece of paper divided into 4 quadrants with a list of 12 healthy habits.

I love making those handouts BTW and I think I might do a FREE e book for ya’ll with all the best ones in it so you have that as a resource. Would that a good idea?

Also I think James Clear (author of the best selling book Atomic Habits) and I were on the same page energetically… he wrote the best selling book though.. LOL. Good for him right! I highly recommend you get a copy!


The HEHH tracker is based on lifestyle choices, some are about food, some about movement, some about rest and reset and some are around emotional wellbeing.  The idea is that wellbeing, living well and having a high quality life is about the things we do consistently to support the Mind-Body Connection.

This concept also applies to chronic disease or illness.  Unless it is a case of acute trauma, the signs and symptoms that show up for us are often related to the things we do too much of, or not enough of most of the time.  The hardest part is making the shift from doing the things that do not serve us to doing the things that creates the life we want.

It is also tough sometimes to see ourselves as an objective observer who is open to new things. We are often stuck in old thought patterns/triggers.  We tend to look for ways to support those patterns rather than gather data points, be curious about new possibilities and be open to change.


I like to keep things positive and celebrate the wins and I suggest that you do too. I had a patient yesterday that said ” I have 99/5 star reviews and 1/1 star review. She then said “I can’t let go of the frustration and disappointment of that 1 star review”.  The negative tends to hurt and hang around much longer than the positive right?

Start Here:

  1. Fill out the tracker for one week without changing anything. Then at the end of that week take stock of what you did to support your health and celebrate it!! Yeah!!
  2. Now look at where you have some inconsistencies.  Things that you did 2-3 times that week however not everyday.  Is there an opportunity to build on that and make it more consistent.  What would you need to do to make that happen?
  3. Next, see where you have the chance to allow a new healthy habit into your life. Again ask the question. This time the question is what do I need to let go of so I can add in this new healthy behavior. The HEHH tracker helps to raise your awareness so that you start seeing what actions steps you can take.
  4. I  also highly recommend that you focus on one step at a time so that you do not get overwhelmed and then do nothing.
  5. The 12 Habits that are listed are general, they are based on research and what I see clinically. That being said, you can use the tracker as a blue print to make your own personalized version. Add in the habits you want to create for 2023 and beyond. Then review points 1-4 listed above.
  6. Last but not least, we know that people who live well, seem ageless have consistent (not too much and not too little ) and balanced healthy habits.

Here is an example of one week.


Score 1 point for each completed healthy behavior

1. A savory meal 2 hours after waking              
2. 20 min Meditation and Gratitude Journaling              
3. Drank at least 8 glasses or water              
4. Took my whole food supplements/herbs              
5. Completed my daily movement of choice              
6. After 90 mins sitting, got up to stretch and move              
7. Limited mindless screen time              
8. Had a big dark GREEN leafy salad with Veggies              
9. Balanced portions at meals: Protein, Fat, Carbs              
10. Random act of kindness & Big Love to Family              
11. Had 7-8 hours of good sleep              
12. Said no to Sugar, Simple Carbs and Fast Food              

I hope you found this useful and if so please share with others.

As always I am here to serve.  Have a healthy week.

Dr Pia