We Did It! and More News to Use


We did it! and more news to use

Happy Holidays to ya’ll…

I know that you are not that interested in hearing about all things Health and Wellness this week?   Am I right? Thought so!. If you are, then please check out my blog posts

With that in mind I will keep it brief.. maybe.

Incase you don”t scroll down: SP and Mediherb Prices go up!!! So stock up and order before  Dec 29th to save a bunch!! My Code is W8MJSC if you don not have it.  https://www.standardprocess.com/apply/patient

First and foremost Happy Holidays! Focus on all the good , soak in every moment and cherish it.


We did it!  We have a big black truck load of Bears! Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much to everyone who sent, collected  and dropped off Teddy Bears for our Bear Drive.

It has been a huge success and we doubled the number we delivered last Year….Thanks to ya’ll every sick child that is in the hospital at Xmas will have a bear to cuddle.   They will be delivered on December 23rd to Dell Children’s.  They have a goal that all the children that get admitted to the hospital will get a teddy and a blanket!!  We did it!!


I am practicing what I preach and I am taking a week or so off during the Xmas-New Year break.  Even with all the things I do everyday to stay in flow, I can feel my anxiety level creeping up. Anyone else?  So I am paying attention to how my thoughts and feelings etc show up in my body and how I react.  Even if you are not able to take time in a chunk, take a little time each day to be in stillness or in nature.  We need this to balance the loud and louder noise and distractions we are exposed to everyday.  It is a minimum requirement and necessary for our immune system and our digestive health.


Everyone should be on support for the immune system and have at least one or two items from the group below:

  1. First line of defense. Zypan and Multizyme and Enzycore for healthy Digestion.
  2. Antioxidants to help take out the trash. Cataplex AC, Tumeric, Vita D, Vita E and Glutathione
  3. Minerals act as co-factors to bind to toxins: Zinc, Trace Minerals B12, Organically Bound Minerals, Magnesium, etc
  4. Anti Inflammatory Support. Olprima EPA/ DHA, Echinacea Premium, Cod Liver Oil
  5. For Kids: Catalyn, Kids Immune and Congaplex chewables are great!

NOTE: PRICES are going up!!!  so get your order in and maybe a couple of backups ASAP so you can jump in and get what you need and save!


This is just a teaser to let you know that we are offering a Digestive/All things GUT health  Program in January. BTW We have huge success with this program and it’s personalized!!

It will be a little different than the programs we have run in the past, as this one will focus on primarily on rehabilitating your Digestive system, balancing blood sugar  and improving detox pathways. It will be done in 3 parts.

First: We Focus on Repair with a clean simple diet!  Plus improving absorption and assimilation of nutrient dense foods and repair the lining of the GUT with the focus on upper digestion.  The liver and other organs of detoxification are also supported in this phase!!

Second: We Remove toxins, balance bacteria, lower the viral load. Yeah!!

Third :  The Focus is on Replacing the good bacteria and adding antioxidents to balance the Microbiome.

We will also be suggesting you include epigenetic factors, like exercise, breath-work and sleep. You will be able to choose what is best for you and make the commitment. The food or fuel part will be simple and modifiable to your diet parameters! Last but not least you will lose the inflammation and fat.

After the past almost 3 years your body, mind and soul can do and needs a  Reset!  More info to come… I just wanted you to know so you can think about it over the next days as you mull over what you want and how you want to show up for 2023.


Tuesday and Thursday afternoons  In person or Virtual. Book Online 

We also offer 15 min phone consults for FREE. BOOK ONLINE 

As always I am here to serve and empower you to enjoy a healthy life.

Happy Holidays and Thanks to all of you for the continued support.

Dr Pia