Wellness Trends Part Three

Wellness Trends Part Three


Many of you know I am the curious type and I am always on the look out for new information that could potentially help you, my patients be better and feel better.  I am also always looking for ways to educate you and to make things as simple as I can. I want you to  feel empowered so you can make the adjustments needed to support a healthy lifestyle for the longterm.

This is going to get a little pokey in a good way, so if you are not up for that, then stop reading now and enjoy this article instead.

The global wellness trends report supports one or more of the suggestions I have talking about for a while now.

We have to get back to basics.  Yep, the old everything is new again type BASICS…

“I am a “high performance” guy, so people are always surprised at how simple I am and how basic my routines are. No big biohacks or tech-driven stats. Pretty simple living focused on the basics over time.” Brendon Bouchard


We have gotten a little taken with the new shiny object syndrome … a fizzy drink that promises to get you up in the morning, sustain your energy throughout the day and then help you sleep at night… or a gummy for this or that… or a complicated routine or Diet of special things that only XYZ company has that is going to solve all the problems.

The Global Wellness Market for Dietary Supplements and Immune boosters is expected to grow to 151.9 Billion with a B in the next year. This market is not regulated by the FDA.

Manufacturers of Supplements  are however governed by law to contain what they say they contain. The quality and the amount of said substance however is often questionable so please make sure you know what you buying and the therapeutic rationale for what you are taking and for how long. If you would like help with this, please text me: 214 8696404


Here’s an interesting fact: Even with all the solutions to all the things,  we in the USA have the worst health of any nation on the planet..

It is project that 50% of Americans will be Obese by 2030 and that doesn’t factor in the 25 plus pounds gained during the last year!!!

We have a chronic disease problem and even with all the amazing tools available to us to help us, this problem is growing and getting worse.

Chronic disease is expensive and the decline of cognitive health is very challenging for not only the person involved but also the care givers and family members.

Now that things have opened up …Many of us are re-evaluating what we want for our lives and what is important for our future and the future of our families.  I hope that Health and Wellbeing are on the top of that list.


” The future is already here and we are already late” John Legend


There is a hierarchy of healing and it works like this:

  • Diet, Mindset and Lifestyle Changes
  • Whole Food Nutrition
  • Herbs and Plant Medicine
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Medications
  • Minor and Major Surgery

The hardest thing for us to do is the first one on the list, so we skip some steps, or we do a little of all of them except for the one that matters the most.


I know it is hard to adopt new habits and make them stick, so I suggested that you make them in small steps and once they become part of your life and your routine, you add another and then another and keep stacking them one at a time.

Then before you know it you will see the compound effect of all those small changes come together in a bigger more wholistic way. It is never too late to start and the work is never done. Wellness and aging well is a journey.

BTW the same is applicable for not so good for you habits… You have to let some of those go.

I just added to my good habit stack  a couple of months ago by letting go of  a bad habit😀. So far, so good it seems to have stuck.

We have been conditioned since we were born that if it is broken we get it fixed.  We do not ask why or how it happened and being not well is uncomfortable.  Along with that, we have also been conditioned to have what we want when we want it. Proactive Health Care needs us to be engaged daily in the process.

You can get everything delivered to your door now without getting off the couch except for wellbeing and aging well. 😀.


Another trend is regenerative farming practices.  Many of you know that the soil in which we grow foods today is depleted of its nutrients.  A head of broccoli today is not a nutrient dense as it was 50 years ago.  So even with a diet of organic Whole Foods we are not getting all the phytonutrients we need for optimal health.

An example of a phytonutrient would be Curcumin in Turmeric and  Sulforaphane in Brussel sprouts and Broccoli. For more info: CLICK

This is why I use Whole Food Supplementation for myself and my patients. It also why I use Standard Process Products as a first line of support. They have their own farms where they grow their own plants. They also have vigorous testing methods and they have been doing this for over 90 years!

No other company does whole food supplements better than they do. Number 2 on the  Hierarchy of Healing chart.

Supplementation also supports the therapeutic gaps needed while you make the adjustments to a healthier you. https://drpia.standardprocess.com/


I have been geeking out lately on intricate and functional cellular health labs. Guess what? All these pathways are driven by the basics listed below. These basics are the building blocks to health.  Problems start to happen if we do not haven do the basics, have too much toxic build up and or we have elimination challenges.


Minerals : Trace Minerals B12 and Magnesium
Hormone Function: Symplex M/F
Anti Inflammatory and Brain Health: Olprima DHA/ EFA
Energy, Blood Sugar and Mitochondria : Cat B Core or Cataplex B
Vita D Immune Support : Cataplex D, Immuplex
Digestive Support: HCL(Zypan) Enzymes (Multizyme) ,(Prosynbiotic)
Stress: Ashwaganda Forte, Drenamin
Antioxidants: Cataplex C, Cellular Vitality
Liver: Livco, Livaplex, Milk Thistle

I personally take one from each of these categories listed above along with some good lifestyle habits to help me live well and age well.

Supplementation also supports the therapeutic gaps needed while you make the adjustments to a healthier you. https://drpia.standardprocess.com/

I know I covered a lot of ground in this email/ blog post. 😀

I hope that this information has been useful and that you keep it on your reading list.

As always have a healthy week and if you require support please contact me to set up an appointment

Best Dr Pia