Small Steps – Big Pay Off

Small Steps – Big Pay Off

Happy 2021…

I know that 2020 was a lot of all of us and while many of us want 2021 to be this big fresh start it might have been too hard to think about or much less even do. Especially if you are still feeling depleted from the previous year.

It’s Ok and truthfully there is a lot to be said for making small consistent steps each and everyday.  These small steps can add up to some big changes over time.  It will take a little longer to see results however, if you stay consistent you will be rewarded with new habits and routines that will support Resilience and Wellbeing for your lifetime.

I am I writing this after reflecting back to my life as burnt out 21 year old. I wonder how very different  would my life be today,  if I had not found my daily Yoga Practice.  It took one day, followed by another followed by another and another till it became a routine that has served me a million times over the last …cough cough… 42 years.. There I said it.

It is the same thing with Food, or Mindfulness practices, or any other pursuit that you do on a consistent basis.

I love this saying: “Where the Mind/Body goes: Energy Flows”

Here are 5 small changes you can make in 2021 to improve overall Wellbeing and provide Resilience for years to come.

5 Small Consistent Changes: Small Steps = Big Pay Off

Stillness and Breathwork

Set aside 10 minutes everyday to sit with your eyes closed. Then listen and watch your breath.. Mouth Closed. If you can’t sit then find a comfortable spot.


Doing our P21 is not for everyone, so focus on the quality of your food and stick with it. Empty calories and chemically processed foods slow down your metabolism and make you feel sluggish and tired.  When we are stressed our body and mind crave sugar (Glucose) The number one thing to focus on during this time of uncertainty is find calm and keep our Blood Sugar Stable. To do that you will need to take a good long look at your habits and the choices you make.

Nature and Fresh Air

Take 5- 10 minutes to get outside and take a walk… even if the weather is not 75 degrees. If you can do this twice a day even better.  Have a Pet… problem solved. As you are walking around focus on the beauty of nature, the colors the foliage etc etc … We are nature and we need to connect with it regularly.


Water, Filtered, half your body weight in ozs.  We actually need more or as much water in winter months than in warmer months as we spend more time inside with dry heat.

Support your Mental and Emotional Stress

As mentioned above Stress, real or perceived  for too long affects us emotionally, physically and it can cause  Blood Sugar dysregulation. Taking the time to find healthy ways to support your Mental Health is top priority in these unprecedented times.  The following things support me: A phone call with a friend, Zoom with my whole family in Australia, a funny Movie, Listening to Music has been a big focus ..My Yoga Practice, helping and supporting others, Hugs with the husband, gratitude for the small things plus all of the things I mentioned above.

I also have added adaptogen support. My favorite is the New Ashwaganda Forte from Mediherb. It helps support and modulate the stress response using the finest grade herbal products and  as a bonus it also has added Liver support😀.

The Key to Small Healthy Changes is to be Consistent and not give them up.  It doesn’t mean you have be perfect… means you get back to it and allow it to build.  The thing is it also requires patience and persistence…It’s kinda like a Vanguard Mutual Fund.

That being said.  Health is your best Investment says David Bach the guy who wrote a few best sellers on Finance including the Latte Factor.

Have a great week

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