What Causes Headaches

This is a big topic so fasten your seat belts!!

Those of you that have had a consultation with me or worked with me over the years know that I am curious and I ask a lot of questions… No, not interrogation style… LOL.

More  like I wonder if … thinking and linking style.

Why do I do that?  Well I am glad you asked.  I am using the information to look for clues as to what might be going on with you and how I can help you heal quickly.


Many symptoms that seem unrelated are actually part of a pattern that lead me the root cause of your problem.

One of the clues we get when something is going on that needs to be addressed is Headaches.

Where they are located gives us a clue. That leads us to the organ that is involved. That leads us  to which process in the body could be malfunctioning and why.

Once we know and understand the triggers we can then support the deficiency, remove the toxicity or support the organ system involved.

If you suffer from Headaches then take our mini quiz and learn which organ system could be involved, what support might be helpful, or what lifestyle change could be needed.

Need to dig a little deeper?  I am available for a consultation. Please book an appointment online or text 214 8696404


Mark Yes to the Questions that sound like you and your type of Headache

  1. I get a headache between my eyebrows: the center of my head
  2. I have pale skin and I am short in stature
  3. I have headaches: that feel like I am wearing a Headband
  4. I have a pouchy lower belly and I have IBS
  5. I have a headache on the left side of my head and eye
  6. I have acid reflux and feel bloated after I eat meat, chicken or fish
  7. I get headaches on the right side of my head and get nauseous
  8. I have trouble digesting fat and have pain between my shoulder blades
  9. I get headaches at the back of my head
  10. I have trouble digesting starches and have sugar cravings
  11. I have a headache when I wake up that wears off
  12. I am slow to rise and get going in the morning
  13. I get headaches at my temples
  14. I get headaches before my cycle and I have PMS symptoms
  15. I get pounding headaches all over my head
  16. I suffer from anxiety and I worry a lot
  17. I get migraine headaches


If you answered Yes

1-2-Pituitary : The Pituitary is the master hormone gland and needs to be healthy.

3-4-Large Intestine: Remove Sugar, add fiber and support healing. Add probiotics

5-6-Stomach: Usually the cause is Low Stomach acid or an H Pylori infection

7-8 -Gallbladder: Remove bad fats and support Bile Function

9-10 -Enzymes: Remove sugar and simple carbs and add enzyme support

11-12 -Thyroid: A lot to unpack here so I recommend a consultation

13-14 -Hormones/Estrogen/ Progesterone/Blood Sugar/Adrenal: Diet, Sleep and Stress needs to be addressed.

15-16 –High Serotonin: The liver detoxes neurotransmitters so Liver support is indicated

17 -Exposure to Toxins or Chemicals or Vascular/ Blood Pressure issues. If you get migraines regularly then I would recommend you start a journal to learn if you can nail down the triggers. I would also review my toxic exposure. I would also get support from a medical professional.

A quick note: If you suffer from severe pain in your head, don’t wait please contact your doctor, go to urgent care / the ER and get the help you need immediately.


I have listed below the support that could be helpful for you. If you are not sure then please book a consult so we can connect the dots together.


Pituitrophin PMG, E Manganese, Ca Lactate, Cataplex E

Large Intestine

Zypan, Zymex Wafers or Caps, Prosynbiotic


Zypan, Okra pepsin E3, Digest Forte


AF Betafood, Choline, Antonex, Livco, Livton


Multizyme, Enzycore


Cataplex F, Selenium, Thyroid Complex, Thyroid PMG?


Symplex F or M, Trace Min B12, Olprima, Diaplex, Cataplex D, Cataplex B Ovex, Ovatrophin PMG, Inostitol


Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Gut Flora Complex

I hope that you found this information informative? My hope is that I have triggered curiosity in you and you start to ask why so you can truly heal.

Have a healthy week

Best Dr Pia

PS the supplement support can be purchased using you patient direct account or via my website.  Oh and please pass on to others if you think it can help them.