Chaos:We Are In This Together

Calm during Chaos

We are in this Together.  Chaos makes us feel Fragile right?

You might be thinking ” How do I Stay Healthy during Chaos and Uncertainty? My hope and goal with the information below is for you to feel empowered and learn how to strengthen yourself. If there has ever been a time to truly focus on your wellbeing and that of your family and friends it is NOW!

You are my Family and I want to do everything I can to support and serve you.

Below I have listed some ideas, provided the why so have a better understanding, suggested acton steps and offered services and support  that I hope help you navigate this time. #Staying Strong Together.

In last week’s email we discussed the idea that your whole body is designed to protect us from invaders like Viruses and harmful Bacteria. We also talked about my top 5 Immune Support Supplements.

This week I want to emphasis the idea that we can use this time to think about our future and the future of our family. What can you do now that will protect you and provide you with the resilience you need going forward.

In times of Stress and Fear a lot of us choose to stay in place and hope that it goes away. We also tend to not always choose good things to do.. like watching the news 24/7, or sitting on the couch and consuming carbs and sugar.

When our bodies are on high alert and preparing for impending doom, our cortisol and adrenaline jumps up so we can be ready to fight the flight.  If we are fighting the Fight 24/7 we our bodies get depleted and insulin rises.

To combat that rise we crave the sugar and carbs to temporally calm us down.  That is until the next wave … and so on it goes..

The other thing that happens under constant stress is an impaired digestive system.  We are wired to run away from the  Tiger so we do not need good stomach acid and enzymes to digest food.  You can see the problem here right.. ?Our minds are running but our bodies are staying in place. Decrease digestive function leads to poor digestion.  Recent research has shown that 70-80% of your immune system is in the GUT…The Mucus membrane is our first line of defense. Stress and perceived threats overtime can play havoc with our health.

How to stay Healthy during Chaos and Uncertainty.

Decide to Live your Healthiest Life: This is your emotional code and it drives the way you show up in the world and the choices you make.

Strengthen Yourself: As a Functional Nutritionist and Wellbeing Doctor I would recommend that as well as immune support you consider Digestive support and Stress Support. I don’t usually do this however I want you to have access to whole food and plant based supplements that are of exceptional quality. Support that Feeds the Body at the cellular level.  This is my wellness code. W8MJSC.  I am also OK if you pass it forward to all who need the support.  I want to make that we serve as many people as we can during this time.

You can go to and set up an account on the patient direct link.  I will list my favorites at the end of the email.

Develop Wellness Routines & Practices: Take the time to begin  habits can you adopt and then never ever stop doing them. This will serve you going forward.

10 Wellness Routines and Practices to Help you Stay Healthy

  1. Get out in Nature as often as you can. This is a very calming practice.
  2. Move your body every day. Exercise is a great way to stay strong and keep your blood sugar stable.
  3. Meditation: This is the practice that helps me clear the chaos and quieten my mind.
  4. Catch up on Sleep.  The body repairs while you sleep. It helps the brain recover from all the input and noise.
  5. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces to stay hydrated
  6. Choose Whole Foods found in Nature.  There are plenty of them in the Stores. 😀
  7. Call your Friends and Loved ones.  Stay in touch often.
  8. Let go of Bad Habits..
  9. Last but not least and very very important!!!! THE AFTER THE THREAT PERIOD. If you have taken maximum measures during this time of high alert to protect yourself then you will not feel depleted after the threat has passed. How you RECOVER after a stressful event is critical and most of us ignore this piece.

Well one more… I am available for Virtual Consults.  If you have questions or concerns I am here for you.  Now is the TIME to get healthy, feel empowered and be healthy for life. Never before have we had a reminder like this.

Digestion:  AF Betafood, Zypan, Enzycore, Digest Forte, Okra Pepsin E3

Stress: Drenamin, Ashwaganda Complex, Adrenal Complex, Cataplex B, Min Tran, Kava Forte

Choose Health, Choose JOY even in the dark times and Choose Gratitude.

Have a safe and Healthy week

Dr Pia