4 Best Ways to Boost Immunity and Why!

 4 Best Ways to Boost Immunity and Why!
In order to be “well” the body, like all of nature, exists by maintaining a state of balance.  It is dependent upon the environment it nourishes and with the interconnectivity and cooperation between whole systems and a respect for natural processes and order.

In June 2011, a coordinated research between the Microbiome project consortium and NIH was released. 200 scientists worked on the project and found that instead of the one germ – one disease theory that has dominated western medicine for centuries they found that there were entire ecosystems of bacteria in the body that work together symbiotically.  It supports the idea that even though you got a flu shot you still got the flu, cough or cold that recently made the rounds in great numbers.  The idea is that instead of killing the bad germs to fight disease, which by the way also wipes out the good bacteria, doctors need to shift their thinking to providing support for the good bacteria and improving the terrain or environment to create a sense of balance. Simply put …given the right stuff the body can heal itself.

What is that stuff?
1    After decades of propaganda leading us to believe that commercially produced foods are OK we are now coming to the rude awaking that we have deviated far from the natural whole foods that truly nourish our bodies.  We know that whole organically grown foods are best for our families and to source and prepare those foods is not always the most convenient but it is hands down worth the effort.

2     Newer to science is the interconnectivity between the nervous system and the immune system.  Our stress handling glands the adrenal glands are one common link.  We know that if we experience sustained periods of stress, whether it is physical, chemical, or emotional we get sick.  Maintaining your nervous system through regular chiropractic care helps improve communication between these two systems.
3  You may eat a perfect diet of raw organic foods, drink purified water, workout everyday and get adjusted regularly, but if your overcome with negative emotions and stinking thinking you will not be in a state of balance and therefore it will impact your immune system.  I can personally attest to this as I recently lost my voice because I didn’t speak up when I should have done so.  A good reminder and lesson for me to learn.
4   Exercise often.  A strong body along with good nutrition goes a long way to support the mind, which is the most difficult area to keep in balance.
Hippocrates (The father of modern medicine said centuries ago)

“ Humans are created to be healthy as long as they are whole, body, mind and spirit” The principles are vitalistic and fluid and need to be nurtured everyday.