A Little Chemicals with your Sandwich?

Is a Subway Sandwich a Healthy Choice? 
Just the other day someone said to me… well a Subway sandwich is a not so bad choice for lunch?  Think again! 
An portion of an article By Melaine Warner
“Consider the popular Subway sandwich, an icon of wholesome weight loss ever since Jared Fogle shed copious pounds on what became known as the “Subway diet.” Ms. Warner reveals the 105 ingredients of Subway’s Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. The chicken alone contains such chemicals as potassium chloride (salt), maltodextrin (a starchy thickener), autolyzed yeast extract (a cheap substitute for MSG), gum arabic (tree sap used as a stabilizer), soy protein concentrate (cheap protein additive), and sodium phosphates (more salt!). The Italian white bread, meanwhile, comes equipped with ammonium sulfate (inorganic salt often used in fertilizer), azodicarbonamide (a flour bleaching agent), potassium iodate (a maturing agent for increasing the speed of baking dough), sodium stearoyl lactylate (a fat and sugar replacement for dough conditioning) and natural flavor (natural!). Some of these ingredients provide flavor (autolyzed yeast extract); some extend shelf life (ammonium sulfate); others are simply cheaper than alternatives (soy protein concentrate).

If you were to make this sandwich at home, Ms. Warner admits, you might be able to avoid these substances, but then again, where did you get the chicken and the bread?