Why it is Time for a Mind Body Reset?

Why it is Time for a Mind Body Reset?

This summer has been a wild ride for a lot of us. It has been unpredictable and crazy fun all at the same time.  Maybe too much fun in some cases. Am I right?  The truth is we all needed to let our hair down a little and release some mental and emotional stress and make new fun memories with the kids and our families.

Now that we have ticked that box it is time to think about what you want long term for health and wellness. I mean all of you, the physical, nutritional and mental-emotional you.

This might be a good time for us all to take inventory of where we are and where we want to go. Why?  Because life continues to  be very topsy turvy even in the last few months, with rising prices, shortage of goods, flight cancellations, shootings, watching our stock portfolio go on a roller coaster ride, the extreme weather, dire warnings about the next wave and the monkey pox and the list goes on .. All the things!

Here’s what we know for sure.  Unpredictability is going to continue, so the best way to handle that is by building your resilience and strengthening your health one small step at a time.  The key is consistency.

Warning!!! I get a little philosophical in this post so if it is not for you…..next week then


We can make conscious decisions in the moment when we are present that can impact our future self. An example “Does this choice today nourish me and move me toward what I want from my life tomorrow”? Not Good or Bad just awareness!

We can look to the past for lessons learned and take positive action in the moment for a better tomorrow.

The problem is that we often live by our past emotions and habits or we anticipate the future using our old guide posts or we fear something bad happening again, miss the moment and we do nothing.  We get stuck right ? We all know what feels like.

Hand up if you have woken up one or many  Monday mornings and decided that you were going to make change.  A new diet, more exercise, turn off electronics etc etc .. What happens most of the time?  We do it for a little while and if we don’t see change immediately or we feel worse ( Detoxing Mind and Body ) or we hit a road block and we stop.  Knowing who you are and your readiness level for change is important to your success.  So is keeping the commitment to yourself and being patient with the process.


  • One step at a time, one day at a time, one thought at a time, it all adds up!
  • Consistency of good choices is the key.
  • Ask the question: Is this a good choice for me yes or no?
  • Decide you are worth it.
  • The quality of your life matters.
  • You are the only one in charge of your health.. Mind Body Spirit.
  • Notice when old negative patterns come up.  Ask yourself why?
  • Start your day with GROW. state silently, “I approach this day with Gratitude, Respect, Observation, and Wisdom (GROW).”
  • Meditation, Prayer and Journaling are incredibly useful tools
  • You got the GENES…Oh No! I am here to tell you that EPIGENETICS (environment and choices) causes genes to express.  That’s right it has been proven over and over.
  • There is so much more… you get the picture. The way we think and Nourish our mind and our body ARE key.
  • Last but not least ASK for HELP and SUPPORT.  It is harder alone.

A quick story:

I was at a seminar this weekend. One of the Natural Functional Medicine Docs stood up and said that she use to drink 12 cans of Mountain Dew a day!!! OMGoodness..  It was making her sick, jumpy, tired and anxious.  Her hormones were all over the place and yet she was addicted to this behavior and the chemicals in the Dew where lighting up her brain.  Even so, she decided one day that she would replace one can of  Mountain Dew with one glass of water.  Then each month another glass of water  and then another and then another till she no longer drinks Mountain Dew.  She knew she couldn’t go cold turkey and she knew she need support and that it would take time.  Today she helps others “Ditch the DEW”  metaphorically speaking.  I am trying to convince her to write a book about it.  LOL.


At Dr Pia Wellness we think Nutrient Dense food is medicine and whole food supplements and plants are supportive for the body. I also review functional labs and we address emotions using NET.  It is the philosophy/ idea that “Feed the Body then the Mind will follow and Feed the Mind/ Thoughts and the Body will follow.”

I have lots of great stories and testimonials from folks that have reached out for support and partnered with me on their health journey.  If they can, so can you. Reach out and get started or re-started. Book an appointment at  http://www.drpia.com

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia