This Supports a Healthy Sex Interest!

This Supports a Healthy Sex Interest!

Most of my readers/supporters and clients/patients are women… Probably  because women tend to be more proactive and cautious about their health than men.  Even when men have poor metabolic results they often think they are healthier than they actually are.  One of my favorite male patients when asked how are you today would say “Never better” or healthy as a horse”!

I love that mindset however, men are in worse shape metabolically today than ever, so this week I want to talk about hormonal health for men.  Ladies this one is for you too.  I know that if my partner is doing well and feels strong then it is good for me too. Ladies please also feel free to share this info with any of the men you know. Guys if you are reading this then please share with your buddies.


Testosterone plays a critical role in male hormonal health.  It slowly declines with age however it is also strongly tied to the other endocrine organs.  We have talked a lot over the years about how everything is connected and that if one organ is overburdened then it can affect other endocrine organs.

Here are just some of the signs and symptoms that suggest hormonal dysfunction.

• Low mood, irritability, and depression
• Low energy, stamina, and strength
• Brain Fog
• Withdrawal from activities
• Less productive at work
• Sweet and Carb cravings as well as salty snacks
• Blood Sugar problems/Insulin resistance the leading to Diabetes
• Weight Gain/ Central weight gain (Fat aromatase estrogen) hips and man boobs
• Loss of libido
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Loss of am erections
• Accelerated aging
• Sleep issues and waking to pee
• Hair Loss / shave less/ baby skin/ shiny bald head
• Increased Blood Pressure
• Increased Triglycerides
• Prostate problems


• Stress
• Poor Diets and Dehydration (Water Intake)
• Lack of exercise and poor bowel habits
• Statin Drugs which lower cholesterol below 180-190.
Poor Liver function leading to poor detoxification and decrease thyroid function


  1. Improve Diet, Remove Sugar, Alcohol, Soda, Hormone (soy based) foods and cut back to one small coffee a day.
  2. Improve Lifestyle through rest and regeneration activities. Longterm health and vitality requires balance at the cellular level.
  3. Check your toxic exposure to plastics, toxic chemicals and EMF’s
  4. Supplement. I am so excited to share that Mediherb has come out with a new product to support healthy sexual interest and testosterone production!! I love the name too?  wink wink. It is called  TONGKAT ALI. Click the link to learn all about the research and how it has been used traditionally in Asia for centuries.
  5. Additionally to cover the bases – add Stress support – Adrenal Complex or Drenamin, Liver support- Milk Thistle Forte or Liverplex and Upper Digestion Support -Zypan, Enzycore and Digest Forte.

So guys if you are reading this … we need you to be healthy !!!  Ladies, help me help all the  guys by forwarding this email to them … subtly of course.  LOL .

Last but not least I hope that I have helped you clearly understand that because the hormonal pathways are connected just taking testosterone pellets without improving the rest of you can have adverse affects. (a topic for another day)

For Standard Process and Mediherb Products
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Have a healthy week

Dr Pia