Things to Share: The Future Is Exciting!

Here we come 2020! I have certainly started 2020 with a roar.  So many things …So many updates to share with you. The Future is Exciting!

We have a bunch of updates on all the things we have been up to from the Purification Program, to the Move, Virtual Visits and Supplements, News about the Blog and Website and finally the Texas Location.

The Purification Program Update

We had a bunch of people join my husband and I on the P21 Purification Program! We are feeling great and getting rids of all those toxins! Yes!  Hubs and I eat very clean and we still felt the mild effects of those dang toxins leaving our bodies. We are on day 19 so close to the completion and it is amazing how light and focused we feel.  Good thing too with all that we have on our plates.

We have also had reports from our patients that they feel so much better when they remove highly processed foods from their diets. Mid way we also had reports of 7 and 10 pound weight losses… Yeah! I am looking forward to checking in with everyone next week.  So proud of the group for giving themselves this gift of wellbeing.

The Moving Update

We are down to our last few days in the office.  Our last Day is Jan 29th.  I am so grateful that so many of you have come in to get treated and give me a hug.  I have the best patients… There is still a couple of appointments available and I would love to see you one last time. I promise not to do the ugly cry.. LOL

Virtual Visits and Whole Food Supplements Update

Many of you have asked me about continuing our relationship virtually.  The answer is yes yes and yes!

The appointments will be Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations. I will set them up in our online appointment portal on the website so you can book them at a time that works best for you. I will offer both 30 minute and 50 minute options. I look forward to our ongoing relationship.

This question has come up a lot.

Can I still get my Standard Process and Mediherb Supplements via Patient Direct when you move to Texas?

The answer is yes you can still order through my patient direct account and continue to get these amazing whole food and plant based products. I will require that you check in with me virtually from time to time to make sure you are on the right protocol for optimal wellbeing.

If you do not have an account and you would like to have access to these products them please contact me:

via email or via test message at 214 8696404

The Blog Update

I will continue to do a weekly health and wellbeing focused blog / newsletter. I love sharing and commenting on all things health and wellbeing.  I also love to ensure that the information you receive is founded in research and science.  It turns out that I also like to educate.  I want you to have the latest information on the incredible break throughs that are happening in our space and how they can help you or a loved one with their health and wellbeing.  The future is exciting. Knowing how things work together mind body spirit is an  important piece of the optimal health puzzle. I want to continue to share that with you.

Website and Texas Clinic Update

I fly to Texas on Feb 2nd and hit the ground running.  I will be treating and accepting patients at Strong on Health Feb 3rd. If you know anyone in the area that could use our kind of knowledge and support please have them contact us.  At this time I will be there for 2 months before I move down the road to Austin, Texas

Once I come up for air I will update to reflect the changes that are coming.

The future is exciting…. in the meantime I can still be reached at and via text at 214 8696404.  Good Job I kept my Texas phone number all these years eh?  the universe knew!

Lastly… Thank you so much for the out pouring of love and caring. this has been and amazing season of life for me.  I will miss you all and will look forward to seeing  you virtually and on the blog.

Ciao for Now Dr Pia

P. S. Have you written your Google Review Yet??? I could use your support as I navigate my new location.  Thanks so much!