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Why should you do our P21 Purification Program?

Preparing for pregnancy is not something we talk about a lot and we certainly keep things under wraps if we are struggling to get pregnant. It’s a huge life transition and like most transitions it requires some conscious thought, planning and preparation.

Things are quite different than they were decades ago. Today women often-live stressful work intensive lives that require that we take a moment and think about what it is we want (a happy healthy baby) before we decide to get pregnant. You owe it to yourself to prepare, feel empowered and be ready for the changes ahead.

One of the best things you and your partner can do is prepare your bodies nutritionally so that you can give yourselves and your unborn child the very best start.

Our P21 Purification Program

During your P21 journey you will experience the healing power of whole unprocessed, preservative free foods, lots of pure spring water, tasty fresh fruit, lots of vegetables, healing greens and delicious protein loaded shakes. We also include Dr. Pia recommended daily supplement plan that is designed to support and heal your organs. In some special cases we will make adjustments to the program based on your unique needs.

You will also receive daily emails that provide coaching and lifestyle support during this transformational journey.

Call us at 858 760 2409 or Email us at drpiamartin@gmail.com to begin your  Doctor guided  P21 Program.

Learn how the P21 program helped Rachel get her health back on track and how it continues to keep her healthy. She is now the Mom of two little ones…

“Dr. Pia’s P21 changed my life! I know this sounds intense, so I will prove it to you. I am 28 years old and have been severely over weight since I was a child. When I first saw Dr. Pia I was suffering from high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, and some serious gastrointestinal issues that I had been fighting for over 10 years. My primary care doctor was concerned about some of my recent blood test results and had even suggested exploratory surgery to learn what was causing my stomach issues. I was extremely hesitant to do the cleanse because I knew I was addicted to caffeine, sugar, wheat, and processed foods and I couldn’t imagine how I could live without them.

“During the P21 Program I lost 16 pounds; my BMI dropped 5 full points and my blood pressure dropped considerably. Most importantly though, I learned that I have a gluten intolerance and that this is the true culprit of my stomach issues. The cleanse showed me how to live without caffeine, sugar, and processed foods-something I never thought was possible. It has been 5 months since I completed the cleanse and I have already lost another 20 pounds. I have more energy, more focus, and I finally feel like my anxiety is under control.

I am now a mom of two sweet little ones.. Thanks Dr Pia for all your help!”

– Rachel

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