5 Simple Steps to Better Health

So many diets, so little time….or are any of them worth your time?

Would 5 Simple Steps to Better Health be a better option for you?

It’s no surprise so many people are confused about which diet is the best for them…. everyone is different and the word diet implies there will be deficiencies.

There is Gluten-free, paleo, keto, low-fat, raw, vegetarian, vegan – it’s enough to make a person give up trying to sort through it all and just order a pizza. I am kidding..don’t do that or if you do only do it once in a while and make it Gluten Free.. LOL

I feel like we need to change our relationship with food!

Congrats by the way to the folks who jumped in and committed to eating real food found in nature for 21 Days… Here we are at Day 9 and going all the way to 21.  If this is too daunting a task for you then start with these 5 simple steps to Better Health.

When my patients ask me where to begin to reclaim their health, I have an answer much simpler than any diet plan: Eat real food, and only real food. Surprisingly, I believe this is almost all you need to know to completely makeover your health, especially if you are in an eating rut, rely on a lot of processed foods, or generally don’t think much about your food choices. Here’s how to accomplish this simple yet transformative makeover in just five steps:

1. Toss out “food-like substances.”

Author Michael Pollan first coined the term “food-like substances” to describe processed food, or food your great grandmother may not have recognized as food. You know what I’m talking about – I mean something so far from its natural form as a plant or an animal that it seems almost too futuristic to be food (because it is!). Go through your fridge and your pantry and sort through everything that 1) isn’t a plant, or doesn’t come from a plant, 2) did not come from an organic farm.

The fresher the food, the better, so focus on fresh vegetables and fresh organic or free-range animal products and limit or take out the amount of boxed and shelf-stable foods.

Also toss out foods that cause the most inflammation in your body, like those with added sugar or things that turn into sugar, like refined grains and flour products.

If this idea causes you to break out in a cold sweat, then perhaps you need to change this relationship and move on from these food-like substances!

2. If it has a Label proceed with Caution

Generally, I prefer food without any label at all, but there are some real food choices that do have labels, so bring your reading glasses and look for these key terms:

Healthy fats: extra virgin coconut oil, full-fat grass-fed dairy products (especially raw or fermented), avocado oil, organic and pastured whole eggs, raw nuts and seeds, and extra virgin olive oil.

Organic produce: Conventional produce tends to be covered in pesticide residue and is also grown in soil that is largely depleted of nutrients. Organic vegetables and fruits are superior choices.

Clean protein: Chicken should be free-range/pastured, fish should be wild-caught, and beef should be grass-fed.

Stay around the periphery of the grocery store. If you do buy packaged food, look for things with just a few natural real-food ingredients you recognize and know your body will recognize too.  Also, go local when possible, or visit a farmers’ market where you can find quality real food and it tastes amazing.

3. Create simple Meal Plans

Once you’ve filled your kitchen with real foods, create a simple meal plan using a variety of the different foods you bought, so you never have to wonder what to eat (or make a last-minute bad decision). I am a huge fan of Batching and I spend just over an hour every Sunday prepping for the week. I am all about Simple.

Simple homemade salads, soups, roasted veggies, and baked fish or meat make wholesome, nourishing meals without much effort. It’s also a good idea to try new things. Be adventurous – add hubs and spices to kick it up a notch.

Once you’ve made this meal plan and adjusted it to fit your taste and schedule, stick with it. Organizing your week of meals sets you up for a deliciously healthy week.

4. It’s 2020… Go For It.

Forget about leaning in – how about going all in? When you make a commitment to a new way of living, you will see quicker results. That means going cold-turkey on the junk and processed food, but you don’t need that stuff anyway. At the same time, be patient and give yourself grace. Stress isn’t healthy either, so don’t stress out about being a perfect eater.

Get curious about  your relationship with Food.

5. Focus on nourishing yourself and slowing down

Instead of focusing on all the foods you “can’t have,” focus on all the amazing, delicious, nourishing, health-building foods you can have. Then, eat consciously. Sit down and be present. Chew mindfully. As you eat, think about how every bite either creates health or tears it down. Enjoy eating because you know you’re giving every cell of your body a great gift: the nutrients it needs to be healthy and abundant.

Are you up for a Challenge??

I challenge you to do these five steps for five weeks, and journal your journey during this time. Each day, write down what you eat and how you feel during this process of creating health for yourself. This practice will provide accountability and knowledge.

As part of our P21 and P10 programs we encourage our tribe to use the experience journal to document their journey.  It will provide valuable insight into how the Mind Body and Emotions are connected.

If you are looking for a life of Wellbeing then these 5 simple steps are a great place to start your journey.

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia

P.S.  I will be available in San Diego Till Jan 29th.  I hope to see you before I head out To Texas.

We will be offering Virtual Visits… More information to come in the next few days