I wanted to share this wonderful message from a well known SD Yoga teacher STACY McCARTHY. I think we can all can relate to her story. The reason I wanted to share her post with you is her wonderful idea of posting healing mantras around her mom’s hospital room and encouraging her to stay in the present.

This way of being has so many applications in our everyday lives, from caring for our loved ones, ourselves, our co workers, our friends etc…Enjoy

From Stacy McCarthy

I’ve been commuting back and forth to Florida for the past month helping my Mom and Dad through some health challenges. It was a good reminder that health is the gift we take for granted until the moment it leaves us.
The body itself is a divine blessing and each breath is a gift that renews our connection to our spirit. As Summer approaches, I hear people struggle with their body image thinking it’s not the right shape or size. I’m not immune to these thoughts. As my age hit the mid-century mark, I struggled with my skin starting to sag and my body composition shifting. Every self conscious thought that popped in my head, I would cancel and remind myself that the fact I have a body is cause for celebration. The perfect body is the one that you have. The practice of yoga helps to liberate you from the redundant, recycled, unnecessary thoughts of criticism, competitiveness and judgement that we’re not good enough as we are. You are perfect and your body deserves the respect and admiration of a sacred temple.

While my Mom was in the hospital and her body was compromised, her thoughts became sad and depressed. I posted mantras all around the room. My body is perfect, whole and healed, my mind is alert, I am blessed, I am loved, I am surrounded by people who encourage, support and delight in everything about me. I had her read these mantras several times a day. I did simple pranayama (breath exercises) with her. Very quickly, her psychology shifted to loving and cherishing the amazing miracle that her body is right now, not where it was or will be in the future. In the present, she recognized the true beauty of her spirit shining through her heart.

Today, take a moment to surrender and recognize your wholeness and perfection and give yourself unconditional love, just the way you are sick or healthy, big or small. You are worth it!