Question: How do I/We help you achieve sustainable wellbeing?

I have been thinking about this question more and more, especially over the last few weeks which has now turned into months.  However, from what  I am reading many have made the decision to retreat back to old patterns of eating, old relationships with food, and lots of comfort food???Even those with a solid exercise and nutrition plans have abandoned their efforts and struggled under these difficult and challenges circumstances.

Waking Up to Sustainable Wellbeing

Then there is my friend …” Jane” who is now sheltering in place and has to be home. She is now cooking healthy foods, having fun with recipes and using fresh herbs from the garden instead of eating out 3-4 times a week.  She has actually adopted better eating habits, enjoyed cooking real food without mystery additives and has lost weight.

What these times have exposed in all of us is our ability to handle stress and how we respond.  Those with a full plate already in many cases have an even bigger plate, some lost their jobs very suddenly with not many options to fill in the financial gap, while for some it reduced the stress of a commute to work and all the things …

Stress and anxiety combined with too much comfort food can and has packed on the pounds for many…it is THE 15/19 pounds 😳. We have discussed in past blogs how high cortisol can inhibit weight loss. Scroll down for more tips.

This time with ourselves has really shown us where we need to strengthen our mindset if we are listening and where we need help and support.

For me this time has only reinforced my goals… we have to …. no must improve our wellbeing as a nation, one person, one family, one community at a time. I am shouting from the inside of my home office to all…

Diet and lifestyle are powerful medicines that we can choose and control…

My goal is to be a great Doctor that helps and supports you to be better and  re-establish order and have a life that is resilient and focused on wellbeing.

How do we  I do that???

Good question…we look at the whole environment to do that.

We know that everyone is unique and our goal is to support you and your journey by offering customized plans  that include Holistic Nutrition and condition specific challenges.

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In a WELLBEING MODEL we know that everything is connected.

  1. RE-Establish conditions that set you up for health and healthy habits. In most cases it is a combination of actions that need to be addressed. Together we look at the whole environment.
  2. RE-Move… this could be unhealthy foods and drinks, or it could be a toxic job, or an overload of chemicals in the home?? For some this is where we recommend a 10 or 21 day RESET using whole food support. 
  3. RE-Place … this is where we typically look at your daily habits and decide together where to start. This phase is different for everyone as everyone is unique from their genetics, to their diet preferences and so on. It all matters including BREATHWORK.
  4. RE- Inoculate… We stimulate healing using the power of nature. In this discussion we will suggest highly dense whole food and plant-based nutrients to help you better digest and absorb the foods and liquids you are consuming. In many cases we will also need to add pre-and pro-biotics.
  5. RE- Pair…Often this is the area where we need to add support to the Endocrine System. We will look at Adrenals, Thyroid, Immune, Liver, Sleep, and Sex Organs. Typically, we need to calm the system down from a highly stressful state so that the body can begin to heal. You know the saying that “Given the Right Stuff the Body can heal ITSELF”
  6. RE-Balance…. This is where we fine tune after a period of time usually 90-120 days. In some cases where someone has been chronically sick for a long time then this is the place where we recommend a DETOX/ PURIFICATION PROGRAM. My goal for you is Resilience and sustainable wellbeing.

I am looking forward to supporting you on your wellbeing journey… Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone who is looking to be a healthier version of themselves. This is where we can offer you the time you need to be heard and finally solve your health problems. …..

Sustainable Wellbeing focuses on the whole person living in the real world.

We know that everyone is unique and our goal is to support you and your journey by offering customized plans  that include Holistic Nutrition and condition specific challenges.

You can now book Virtual Visits by CALLING 214 8696404 or booking online.

P.S. Adrenal Support

Incase you are interested, my favorite supplements and herbs to help modulate the stress response are: Drenamin, Adrenal Complex, Ashwaganda Complex, Min Tran, Cataplex B, and Kava Forte. I also like Adrenal Daily Health Packets as they are easy and have all the nutrients you need.

I want you to have access to whole food and plant based supplements that are of exceptional quality. Support that Feeds the Body at the cellular level.  This is my wellness code. W8MJSC.  I am also OK if you pass it forward to all who need the support.  I want to make that we serve as many people as we can during this time.

You can go to and set up an account on the patient direct link.

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia