I Want to Know More!

I Want to Know More!

Each week for the past 12 years or so I have written a weekly blog on all kinds of different health and wellbeing topics/trends.   Can you believe it? 😀 My goal has been to share thoughtful, researched, and actionable information and education.

To help you have better health and wellbeing and understand how the body works.

My version of “Take the Natural Doctor Home.”

I hope I have achieved that?

This week I wanted to try something a little different and ask  you the question.

What do you want to know more about? What questions do you want answers to? Which were   your favorite articles?

I have made a list as I thought it might help you with your answers.

Take a look at the list, then hit reply and let me know your choices.

FYI: only I will see your responses and thanks so much in advance for your feedback.


Stress and Adrenals

Autoimmune conditions

Food and Diets

Digestion and Gut health

Fatigue and Energy

Prenatal health : preparing for Pregnancy

Anxiety and Depression

Blood Sugar

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Epigenetics and Genomics


Whole Food Supplements and Herbs

Functional and Cellular Health Lab Testing and Wearables


Hidden Infections and Mold Toxicity


I can’t wait to see what you choose and I look forward to serving you for years to come.

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia