Gestational Diabetes and What It Means for Mom and Baby

Photo of pregnant mom checking her glucose levels

A diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes means that your blood glucose levels are too high. It is serious and here is why. Moms who have GB often have Type 2 Diabetes later in life if they do not make changes. There is also a strong chance that you will have GB during future pregnancies and it has the possibility of changing your birth plan. Babies born to GB moms are often big babies and they have a high risk of being obese kids.

With that being said there are options out there that support you medically and naturally. Once you have your plan you should also include your birth team. What you decide to do postpartum is super important. Often this is the area that is not discussed and is one of the most important aspects of your plan as it affects you and your baby’s future health. Our Podcast answers the following questions and much more:

  1. What Gestational Diabetes is and how it affects your baby
  2. How to control your blood glucose levels during pregnancy
  3. What the various Blood Glucose tests are what they mean
  4. How to get your Blood Glucose under control and keep it there
  5. What the impact of Gestational Diabetes is on you and your baby in the future.