Creating Joy

Joy has been my word lately.  I spend a lot of time with the science of things so in order to balance that out I gravitate towards creative projects and ideas.  I have been wanting to create a T/shirt line that would be fun to wear, have a great silhouette and suit all shapes and sizes. The T/shirt would also have a message that made you feel something and would also give back to a great cause. This is a Tee about mindset

The Fertile Ground Event that we held this past weekend was the catalyst for the JOY thing.  Creating your bundle of Joy, bringing the Joy, the O is the egg and the Y is the sperm and together they create a bundle of JOY! Then there is the idea that we need to be joyful with the process of life and not just the results.  Life and fertility works so much better that way.  What of we made all our decisions with Joy in our mind.

I know this could all sound a little Whoo Hoo but this actually works. Bruce Lipton a well known author and speaker calls it the Honeymoon Effect.  He says “what if we did life that way…?”  He suggests that everything about our life seems to work better when we are in the glow of  the honeymoon phase, we don’t get sick, we smile more often, we have less stress, we take better care of our decisions and so on.

It is not easy to change your state of mind however if we make a conscious effort to remind ourselves then it is a work in progress and slowly but surely we become it.  Tony Robbins calls it changing state.  He says that in order to shift your mood you have to change your mind.


My creative side is itching to do something with this idea, so who wants a simple white T/shirt with JOY printed or embroidered in black on the left breast?  A wearable that will  help remind you to see the Joy even when life is tough. Every purchase will also give Joy, as all proceeds will go to the  Every Mother Counts charity.  Cost TBA however will keep it very affordable because we want lots of people wearing JOY on their heart.

Let me know via email and you will be the first to know when we have them available.

The Fertile Ground Event

I also want to say a  huge Thank You to those that attended the first ever Fertile Ground Event.  I hope you learned a bunch, enjoyed all the giveaways and handouts?  I am truly blessed and grateful that you came.   Your hearts intention was to prepare and plan for the most humbling of life’s journeys – Parenthood.  Your care, attention and the support  will allow you to Build a Healthy Human.

For those that couldn’t make it, stay tuned for the next one.

Have a healthy week and let me know what you thing about the T/shirt idea

Dr Pia