The Story of a Mother’s Love

I have been wanting to share this story of a Mother’s love for her baby girl for sometime.  The lessons we learned on this journey together reinforces just how much environment effects health outcomes.

Jane (not her real name) a type A mom, came into to office very distressed and at her wits end. Her  4 month old baby girl had been diagnosed with colitis (Blood in her stool and high inflammatory markers).

Jane had been to a variety of Medical Doctors and they had run every test on her baby girl.  Many of those tests were very very invasive and they were at loss as to what to do other than very strong immune therapy.  Jane’s lactation consultant had suggested that she cut out most known food triggers such as Soy, Diary, Wheat etc etc  as many of these proteins are difficult for babies to digest.  When Jane came in she was eating only 5 foods and was on a probiotic and omega 3 for additional anti inflammatory fats. Jane was a determined mother who was looking for answers.

The interesting thing is that even with all that baby had been through she was a happy little girl who smiled a lot and was gaining weight. Mom however was so stressed out that she was convinced her baby would die of cancer.  She was scared she was going to lose her baby girl.

After our consult I told Jane that I wanted to start our plan by treating her.  She was a little taken a back but agreed as she was at her wits end.  We treated Jane for metal toxicity, supported her adrenal glands and added a product to decrease her gut inflammation. Jane was breast feeding so we got a two for one with our treatment plan. We also recommended that Jane add a mediation practice for her own self care.


In a just a few weeks Jane reported that baby had no infection and no occult blood in the stool.  Huge positive news for everyone.  We then began adding back 5 foods at a time and recording if there were any changes to baby. Another few weeks and all baby’s tests were normal. There was also huge change in Jane.  She was happy relaxed and enjoying motherhood.

At her last visit she said to me “Thank you I have learned so much. My baby was the gift I needed as I have learned so much from her” “I have learned how to be a grounded and balanced mother and I have learned that my environment (mind, body, stress, sleep, exercise, digestion etc ) effects not only me but baby.

A great success story.  This story is powerful because it changes lives. This is the power of epigenetics and nutrgenomics.  This is personalized and bio-individual medicine.


I hope this story has help you see what is possible.

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Dr Pia