Our 8th Annual Teddy Bear Collection

Our Story:
Each Year we love to celebrate the holidays with friends, family and our clients( who are like family). However we are keenly aware that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. We decide we would only celebrate if we could give back.

Many of you know that my practice is dedicated to taking care of families with particular attention to pregnant moms and kids.

Through this connection and my many trips to Rady Children’s we decided that the bears we collected should go to the kids who will not be at home for the Holidays and instead be in a hospital bed.

Each year on Christmas Eve we make the silent trip to drop the Bears off at Rady’s. It is a truly humbling experience and of course I cry!!

We leave with the hope that we are able to

put a smile on the face of a child

come Christmas morning.

We hope that you can bring a bear to your appointment or stop by. We will be accepting bears from December 1st till December 23rd.

Thank you in advance for your donation.