My Book: Building Health Humans





My Book: Building Healthy Humans: Your guide to a beautiful and balanced pregnancy for a happy healthy baby will be available soon  on Amazon.  Beyond Excited! Don’t worry I will keep you posted. LOL

I asked one of my patients if she would be kind enough to write the forward for the Book and she said yes!  I wanted the readers to hear from a Modern Mom.

Here is a sneak peak


Written By A Modern Mom

My name is Casey and I am the proud mom of two kids. A boy who is a toddler and a little baby girl called Izzy, who is just 4 weeks old.

This is the story so far of how my husband and I created our family.

We wanted to be able use the resources of our modern technological world, however we also wanted to make decisions that were rooted in what is natural and made good sense to us. We wanted balance.

For my first pregnancy, I was so focused on becoming pregnant that I literally forgot about the decisions I would have to make regarding the pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Once I was pregnant I was excited, however I was also a little fearful some of time. I had lots of questions and was searching for answers that my doctor wasn’t providing.

My pregnancy became an anxious struggle as I continued to spend time asking questions, doing research and still not getting sufficient answers.

I was fighting for the birth that I wanted with doctors who appeared to be pushing their own agendas. It was frustrating.

When I decided to get pregnant for the second time, I knew I wanted to do things differently. My new OBGYN recommended that I should consider working with Dr. Pia Martin.

Soon after that conversation I began working with Dr. Pia.

Together we developed a plan that was unique to me that would allow my mind and body to be prepared for a healthy pregnancy.

We worked together for my entire pregnancy. She was the second most important partner (after my husband!) in the process of Building a Healthy Human.

Dr. Pia supported and encouraged me and I was able to have the balanced and beautiful pregnancy I wanted. I was more confident and less anxious and worried, which led to the labor and delivery I desired.

I have grown a lot as a person while working with Dr. Pia, which has helped not only with my pregnancy but it also helped me become a better mother to my first child, and a better person in general. THANK YOU DR. PIA!

I only wish that I had a copy of this book (and Dr. Pia!) prior to my first pregnancy.

This will be the book that I will give to any of my friends that are thinking about getting pregnant or have just become pregnant so they can educate themselves and have the pregnancy and birth that they want the first time around.


A huge thank you to Casey for this.  

Have a happy healthy week

Dr Pia