Gassy? Bloated?Take the Digestion Quiz

Gassy? Bloated ? Take the Digestion Quiz

I promised a few weeks ago that I would share my Digestion Quiz.

Unfortunately, I got side tracked with other important health information and educational tips that that I thought you would find useful as we navigate this unique time.

It has been that kind of year for all of us hasn’t it?  BTW Stress shuts down the digestive process😳.

I have personally upped my intake of Zypan and added AF Betafood to my whole food plan along with Adrenal support to help me in these times and as I age with grace.

So as promised here is part one of the digestion quiz.

Before you take the quiz you should know that if you have digestive challenges it is a good to know the order of things. Digestion starts with the Brain: Think, Smell, See Food, then the Mouth: Salvia, Chewing and then Swallowing.

After that it is all about the Stomach and it’s ability to do it’s job which is what this quiz is about.  There are a few exceptions like Traumatic Brain Injury or X factors like Genetics however for most of us this is the cascade of how digestion works:

Take our Digestion Quiz

SYMPTOMS – SECTION ONE  –     Mark 0 Never to 1 – 2 – 3 Always

1-2-3      I have lost the taste for meat
1-2-3      I have gas shortly after I eat ( Hint: Is it caused by Fat, Starches or Protein)?
1-2-3      I have a burning stomach that is relieved by eating
1-2-3      I get headaches on the left side of my head
1-2-3      I have constipation or difficult bowel movements
1-2-3      I get pain under my shoulder blade
1-2-3      I have TMJ
1-2-3      I have weak wrists
1-2-3      I have acid reflux and take antacids
1-2-3      I burp after I eat
1-2-3      I feel a sense of fullness and bloating after a meal
1-2-3      I have bad breath
1-2-3      I have undigested food in my stool
1-2-3      I am under a lot of stress
1-2-3      I have been diagnosed with anemia
1-2-3      I have weak nails that chip easily



If you have a Score : >8 – We recommend the following for basic  upper GI support.

Digest Forte: It contains bitters which jump start the digestive process

Zypan: Supports the breakdown of proteins and contain HCL and pepsin

AF Betafood: Is a Gallbladder decongestant and supports fat metabolism and mobilization of Bile

Okra Pepsin E3: Helps sooth the lining of the digestive track and provides healing to the tissues

Enzycore: a vegetarian product loaded with enzymes to help breakdown food and decrease inflammation:

To learn more about our recommendations or purchase: Click Here

If you score is more than 15 then please set up an appointment to learn more about what could be the problem: You are what you digest 😀. BTW the single most overlooked problem in women is Gall Bladder Issues. Yes you need Bile to digest fats however bile is also a signal mechanism for other organs. If the GB is not working then these organs will not work as they should.

Also if stress is disrupting your gut and that is the underlying cause of the dysfunction, then taking antimicrobials or supplements or even following special diets might help, but they won’t address the cause. A combination of factors need to be addressed and I can help.

Before I go: I am excited to share that I will be offering in person visits every Wednesday in Austin. Please let everyone you know so we can help more people have a healthy life.

For more info and to learn how to book and save on your first visit Click Here

Have a Healthy and Safe Week

Dr Pia