Restart Your Metabolism

Restart your Metalolism!

As the year comes to a close you will no doubt be thinking a lot about 2020 and what you have learned along the way both professionally and personally. I know many will be discussing the idea of a RESTART or Jumpstart or a whole new way of being ❤️

I know you are exhausted, tired and weary… however it is worth it and necessary to take the time and use what you have learned from this unprecedented time and lay down your plans, goals and dreams for 2021.

You now have a little history and have more data than you did back at the beginning of March. So what I am suggesting is that you use that data and adopt a new way of being for yourself and your family.  That will allow you to feel more grounded instead of reacting or waiting for things to return to normal… whatever that looks like ? Action and intention are better than reaction or repair.

Many of the decisions you are going to make  as a family for 2021 revolve around being and doing from home.  WFH, SFH, MAH…( move at home 😀) I think you get the point.  More than ever before all of that means that everyone in household has an effect on what happens to the energy, and wellbeing of everyone in the home.

I have a tool that I use in workshops called  ” The Manifesto” … I wish I had a better name  😀.

It about values, beliefs, actions and everyone is heard and everyone has a say.  I would narrow it down to 10 words of short sentences and  post them where they can be seen.

This then becomes the culture of your home, which is also the school, the workplace, the Resturant, the movie theatre etc etc … My hope is that Whole food Nutrition and other aspects of Wellbeing will be part of your family culture 😀


Here is what I know for sure after almost 14 years in Clinical Practice

Focusing on the basics is almost always the most important thing you can do to improve your health.  Whole Foods, Movement, Fresh Air, Deep Breaths, Sleep, Connection, Fun, etc etc

This is true regardless of whether we’re talking about reversing chronic disease, hormone challenges, metabolism issues, addressing depression and anxiety,  losing weight, or keeping our immune system strong.

The basics aren’t sexy or glamorous. darn!!!! Or hi-tech. They aren’t “hacks.” You won’t get a prescription for them from your conventional doctor, and you can’t buy them on Amazon.

For 2021 you if want Real Health Results it take more than a minute but not that long to get things back on a healthy track as a family.

Even if you have been eating “Healthy” it is still a good idea to to reset your metabolism. Why? Well it is because Toxins build up over time and they need to be removed so that you can continue to be healthy and your metabolism can do it’s job well.

So each year I always  offer the P21 Purification Program .  It is all about returning to the basics  and providing all the building blocks needed for good health. More info

Results Matter!! and even though I hear this all the time I am always amazed by the feedback I get. Easy ?  Well that depends on the person.   Very effective?  Absolutely. After what we have just all gone through we can commit to 21 days right?  Time to Restart your Metabolism!

Start the year off with the P21. Whole Foods found in nature.  That’s it for 21 days. Your Body knows what to do when it is given REAL FOODS.

We have amended the date to Jan 8th as the start date due to possible shipping challenges over the holiday weekend.

Amazed by the Results!

“My husband and I both did this P21 together and we are amazed by the results! A combination of job stress, too many meal kits, and lack of mobility due to the pandemic had taken its toll. We had both gained weight and I saw a number on the scale I never expected to see. A friend told me about this program ages ago, and I’m so glad I remembered it. I can’t believe how easy it was! I have a ton more energy and I feel amazing!! We did it, we reset our metabolism! We are now following the recipes in your booklet to continue our journey to good health. Thank you!!!”

LET’S GO 2021. This is for action takers!!!


Jan 8th: Day 1… let’s go 2021.  I hope that you decide to join us… More than any other year I am passionate about helping you feel amazing and getting real results. Results that Matter . As we talked earlier your health and the health of those around you affects everyone in the home/ office/ recreation area/ gym, yoga room etc.  We offer daily support and coaching for the entire 21 days!

Email me or text me 214 8696404 if you want to be added to the list or have questions.

Have a healthy week

Dr Pia

P. S. Let’s Go 21 and Restart your Metabolism