5 Amazing Health Benefits of HEMP


Plant-based diets have exploded in popularity. Whether it is a move to be more environmentally conscious or to reap the many health benefits, or both – the power of plants can’t be ignored. We started this theme last week taking about how transformational a Colorful Diet can be for your health.

I believe in bio-individuality and that everyone’s health case is unique. What works for one person won’t always work for the next. However, there are certain plant superfoods that are more nutrient-dense than others and work tremendously well for a majority of people no matter what type of Diet you follow.

Hemp is one of nature’s most versatile plants with a wide range of benefits for all areas of your health including your immune system.


We know that everyone is unique and our goal is to support you and your journey by offering customized plans that include Holistic Nutrition and condition specific challenges.

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1.  It’s a Complete Protein

Hemp is one of my favorite plant-based foods for those looking to limit their consumption of animal products. The reason is that Hemp contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. These amino acids are considered essential because our bodies need them to thrive but can’t make them on their own so we need to get them through our diets.  It’s a great option for ensuring you are getting in enough protein during the day.

2. Hemp Supports Gut Health

Since your gut is the foundation of your health, I am always looking for ways to support optimal gut health. While supplements and drinking bone broth are great, I want to lay the foundation for a healthy gut through the meals I already eat on a daily basis. Like a colorful veggie diet.

When you eat prebiotic fiber, your good gut bacteria ferments it in your colon to produce short-chain fatty acids SCFAs. One of the main SCFAs in your body is butyrate,  a prebiotic which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on your gut.  Butyrate boost the health of your digestive and immune system, it has been shown to improve cases of IBS, Leaky Gut and ulcerative colitis due to its anti-inflammatory abilities.

Many plant foods contain prebiotic fiber, but hemp is one of my favorite sources for ensuring a diverse microbiome which is needed to support your immune system.  You have heard me say 80% of your immune system is in the GUT.

3. A Balance of Healthy Fats

Hemp is one of the great sources of plant-based healthy fats. Hemp contains an abundance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the perfect ratio. You must have a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, otherwise it can contribute to systemic inflammation which is an underlying trigger to almost every modern-day health problem we see today.

4. Contains essential minerals like Magnesium

Hemp contains 25 percent of your daily magnesium requirements per serving, which is important considering it is responsible for over 300 important biochemical reactions. One of its main functions is to help modulate stress. Magnesium is added to many products for its calming effect.

Did alsoyou know that 50-90 percent of the population is deficient in this mineral?   One serving can make a huge difference in your health – especially when combined with other magnesium rich plant foods like dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Why not enjoy a super colorful salad topped with crunchy hemp seeds. This is my favorite way to enjoy Hemp plus I love the extra crunch.

5. Helps stabilize blood sugar

Hemp is the perfect food for those with blood sugar problems or are sticking to a low carb diet. The fiber content helps slow the absorption of sugar which can improve blood sugar levels. It only has 1-5 grams net carbs per serving for those who count their macros.

Ways to enjoy hemp

Hemp is such a versatile food source that makes a great addition to a variety of meals. At your Local health food store you can find hemp seeds and hemp in powder form. The powder form  can easily be added to soups or smoothies. If you prefer you can also take hemp in oil or gel cap from my favorite supplement company.

Hemp Oil Complex™ is their newest formula and it could not come at a better time in our history given the most recent events. It is a unique formulation of ingredients, combined to provide a 3-in-1 benefit for the whole body.

Hemp has been shown to also support the endocannabinoid system, reduce inflammation and the endogenous anti-oxidant pathways. for those of you that like to geek out on the science like me I have included a link for you above so you can learn all about the Endocannabinoid System.

Have a happy healthy week.  Stay calm and safe

Dr Pia

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