What I do for peace and perspective.

There is a lot of noise, anxiety and fear right now,  so this week I offer only a simple but very powerful healing tool.

When “I” is replaced with “We” even illness becomes wellness. – Malcolm X

I have started my day this way for forty plus years.  Everyday it is different and everyday I learn from it. There is a place that is with you wherever you go.  Go There


Balasana is the pose of the child (bala). It’s a resting pose in which the body is folded over bent knees, representing a child in the womb. Balasana offers restoration before and after a challenging asana or series.

Or whenever you need time to let the mind and body assimilate. This pose recalls a time of innocence and impressionability. By reconnecting to this receptive state of mind, you facilitate your own transformation in the present.

By embodying the pose of the child, you access a version of yourself who can love unselfconsciously and who’s not constrained by ego-based fears. That childlike surrender opens the pathways of grace and find some inner peace and perspective.

Growth is from the inside out… courage is doing the inner-work

Instructions:  Find a comfortable quiet place and spread your knees out wide or not and lay your head on hands or the mat.  Spread your arms forward or keep them at your side.  You should be comfortable so prop yourself up if needed with blankets, blocks or pillows.

Now Close your eyes and begin to breath slowly in and out of the nose.  Notice the thoughts that come and go and notice the physical spaces that are tight and let them relax.  Settle until you feel the release and relief. Then slowly open your eyes and notice how you feel.

Growth is from the inside out… courage is doing the inner-work for peace and perspective.

Have a healthy week … and breathe deeply as this seems to be the theme we need to embrace.

Always here to serve

Dr Pia