Have you Lost Chemical Tolerance? Do you need a Clean Up from Cleaning Up?

Let’s start on a positive note.  I am like you so happy to see our world with cleaner outside air.

I have been seeing all those amazing pictures of New Delhi and Beijing where once you could not see anything a few feet in from of you due to pollution. They now have beautiful clear skies.

Poor OUTSIDE Air Quality and Health Risks

Air pollution is estimated to contribute to more than 1 million premature deaths per year in China. Fine particle pollution, also known as PM 2.5, can enter the bloodstream through the lungs and has been linked to asthma attacks, heart attacks and respiratory problems.

Even a  short-term reduction in air pollution has made a huge difference.

I also love seeing the animals and plants  also enjoying and flourishing from clean air. This time has definitely validated the need for climate change policies.

Poor INSIDE air quality and the Health Risks

Now let’s talk about the Inside Air. I am talking about all the Toxic Chemicals that we are now exposed to on a much more frequent basis than ever before.  Not only in our own homes but everywhere we go. The air is cleaner outside than it is Inside.

I am like most of us in the Natural Health and Wellbeing field a little, no a lot disappointed that there has not been more information and education on all the media outlets about building and supporting our natural environment. Perhaps when the alarm phase is over we can all be open to rebuilding. I am hopeful as it is what is needed to support all of us.

I am not going to rant on about this, as the point of this Blog is to educate and inform so you can make your own choices and be your own health care advocate.

Excess Exposure to Toxic Chemicals either by skin or by inhalation can trigger a host of health problems.

Toxic Chemicals combined with Stress are a dangerous combination.  If Chemicals are not cleared effectively from the body they build up and create a breakdown in the mucosal barriers, deplete our antioxidant reserves and lead to inflammation and disease.

Symptoms of the Loss of Chemical Tolerance

Highly Sensitive to Smells, like you can smell things a mile away.

Intolerance to Jewelry

Itchy skin or outbreaks or rash


General Malaise, like you don’t feel like yourself

Hormone Challenges and an increase in PMS type symptoms.

Watery eyes and a Drippy Nose (kinda like allergies)

Increase joint aches and pain.. you feel stiff.

Unpredictable food reactions and digestive upset


Our world is different now and we have to adapt and support ourselves. For the time being employers and biz owners are doing what they can do to follow guidelines, stay in biz and help you feel safe enough that you will go to work and buy goods.  To offset the new inside stress and exposure here is how you can support yourself.

  1. Toxic Chemicals deplete Vitamin D levels in the body. The optimal range is at least 50-70mcg.  If you are not in range up your daily dose and then get re-checked.
  2. Get out in nature and take some big breaths and also get a little Vitamin D
  3. Get an air filter for your house
  4. Change your filters in your house regularly
  5. Choose natural cleaning products
  6. Increase your Antioxidant intake. Vita C, Vita A, Vita E, and  in particular Glutathione. Air pollution decreases Glutathione levels.
  7. Add Liver Support like Milk Thistle or Antronex.  The Liver is where the chemicals are broken down and cleared out of the body. It is called Bio-Transformation.  The Toxic Chemical is broken down in Phase 1, and then in Phase II it binds to a compound to become water soluble and cleared safely from the body.
  8. Get enough but not too much exercise
  9. Last but not least eat a whole food Veggie Forward Diet.  The Minerals in the Veggies particularly the green ones bind to the chemical and help with the process of clearance.
  10. Add a quality mineral supplement to your plan, like Min Tran, or Immuplex

I hope that this information is useful and perhaps helps you understand a little more about what you can do to improve your health.

My goal is to connect the dots so you can learn more about how the Human Body works.

Dr Pia

Ps. If you need my code to order support it is Patient Direct Code: W8MJSC

PPs. As always feel free to forward this along to anyone that could benefit from this info.