Top Wellness Trends 2022

Top Wellness Trends 2022

Each year the global wellness institute takes all the data points they have gathered and puts together a top 10 wellness trends list.

I am the curious type and I want to always continue to learn and grow.  So each year I am interested to see what they say we might see in the Future. Bear in mind, not all trends become mainstream, many take years to become mainstream and some fizzle and stay on the fringe.  I have listed the top ten then added my thoughts about each if you are interested.

Drum Role Please…..

One thing this forecast makes crystal clear: the future of wellness will be anything but a “restart” of 2019. What consumers now need most, what they perceive as “true wellness,” has profoundly changed.


1) Dirt-y Wellness
The health of the world’s soil—and the impact of soil exposure on human health—become far more important 

Soil is our planet’s most extraordinary ecosystem, a living microbial stew that for millions of years did its job: from cycling nutrients to plants to capturing vast amounts of atmospheric carbon. For 99% of human evolution, people lived deep in soil, as foragers and farmers. Industrial agriculture decimated the world’s soil and the soil crisis is here. This trend explores how a soil-restoring regenerative agriculture, the hottest topic in farming, will become a hot topic in wellness: from “regen-certified” becoming the next food label (far more meaningful than organic) to more wellness brands moving to regen-sourced ingredients to regen-agrihoods being the trend to watch in wellness real estate.

“This is why I use Whole Food Supplement Support from Standard Process. Many of the foods found in their products are grown in their nutrient dense soil in Wisconsin. I love that this trend is a rebirth of sorts. ”

2) Toxic Muscularity Comes Clean
How bulging biceps and rippling abs have had a negative ripple effect on male body image

A growing body of research is revealing that body image is no longer solely a “women’s issue.” A 2021 British survey found that half of men aged 16-40 had struggled with their mental health because of how they feel about their bodies—and half pointed the finger at mainstream and social media. Steroid and hormone abuse is hiding in plain sight in the improbable shape of actors, athletes, influencers and action figures. This trend looks at the activists and new initiatives that are driving a new male body positivity movement.

“The damage from these treatments takes a huge toll on men’s health. The Fix take serious commitment and time.”

3) From Wellness Tech to Technological Wellness
A fresh take on digital health 

Between fitness wearables, telehealth apps and smart home gyms, there is no shortage of technologies promising to make us well. But the truth is that most technologies (that make up the majority of our screen time) are harming our health, not helping it. The future: pausing, developing everyday technologies with wellbeing in mind, and treating our tech intake more like our food intake.

“We need this for ourselves and our children, so I am hopeful on this one”

4) Senior Living Disrupted
 A wrinkle in time no more! 

Healthier and more active than their cohorts in previous generations, today’s seniors don’t “feel old” and don’t want to be defined by age, nor socially segregated by it. The future is a retirement of the “senior living” concept and a new focus on intentional intergenerationality. This trend looks at the development of pocket neighborhoods; innovative, mutually beneficial intergenerational co-living models; and strategies for designing for intergenerationality.

“Love this”

5) Wellness Travel:  Seekers, Welcome
Post-pandemic travelers are ready for adventure and engagement 

Intention is the future of travel in 2022. Social indicators such as the “great resignation,” record retirements and global nomadism reveal profound commitments to work/life balance and personal growth and happiness.  Seekers, welcome. This trend explores how the newest travel experiences tap into a sense of purpose and a desire to grow creatively and intellectually.

” Having travelled the globe and lived in different countries, I can say that the experience of travel is a part of who I am today. The challenge as I see it will be getting to these amazing locations.”

6) Innovative Tech Closing the Gender Gap in Medical Research
Artificial Intelligence (AI), apps, and wearables collect data for a wide range of women’s health conditions 

Too many women’s health conditions (such as menopause, endometriosis and infertility) are underfunded and under-researched, leading to major issues in healthcare: women with chronic conditions have a harder time securing a correct diagnosis and finding effective treatments. This impacts women’s view of mainstream medicine and they wonder: why aren’t there more solutions out there?

“As a woman I am so pleased to see more research. I hope that the research looks at women as a whole and not just a diagnostic code or use the research to sell more drugs”

7) Urban Bathhouses & Wellness Playgrounds
Affordable wellness is coming to a city near you

This trend details how an urban bathhouse renaissance is underway, how urban sauna bathing is becoming more popular and playful, and how public “playgrounds” that merge nature and wellness are transforming cityscapes—with new manmade beachfronts, boardwalks, pop-up wellness classes, and even water sports appearing in unexpected places, from New York to Tokyo.

” This trend is thriving in Austin, TX. The whole city is surrounded by opportunities to get out in nature and play”

8) Next-Gen Naturalism
The return of self-reliance 

For decades, the concept of progress has been about requiring humans to do as little as possible. We praise automation, reward businesses who deliver convenience on-demand. We’ll see a long-overdue return to self-reliance.  Next-gen naturalism is a back-to-basics wellness that refocuses on the natural world and ancient practices to prepare for a shaky future.

” I am hopeful and as you know if you read my blog, I preach this idea of balance.”

9) Health & Wellness Coaching Gets Certified
Coaches trained in the art and science of motivating healthy changes have been the missing link in both healthcare and wellness

The world spends $8.3 trillion a year on healthcare and $4.4 trillion on wellness, but we can’t stem the tide of chronic diseases. Behavior change is the toughest nut.

” It is hard to change your habits if you never change your underlying beliefs. All my training and compassion to support others in their wellness goals is challenging if this is not addressed. This trend doesn’t seem new to me?”

10) Wellness Welcomes the Metaverse
Health & wellness are attractive to the Metaverse which needs to diversify beyond gaming  

The metaverse is happening…it isn’t a maybe. And thanks to a range of social forces, including the pandemic, the rise of the “Wellness Metaverse” is inevitable.  From virtual reality and augmented reality to merged reality and haptics, the coming wellness metaverse will create vast opportunities for each sector of the $4.4 trillion global wellness economy. This trend explores everything from the trending medical and wellness experiences now being created for the metaverse to how wellness companies should look at the future opportunities.

“Hmm…. I can possibilities and I also so see how this can take further from the balance we need as Humans. maybe it is the word Metaverse. LOL.”
I know this newsletter is a little different than what I usually write about.  I think in this time it is important to look forward towards some positive trends as it relates to Health and Wellbeing.

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