A Generation of Hope : The Power of Epigenetics

A Generation of Hope : The Power of Epigenetics.

Happy Harvest Season!  This week I wanted to share an article that I wrote, which was featured in the Fall edition of “Best Holistic Life Magazine.” A great free resource if anyone wants to subscribe. I hope you enjoy it.  LMK what you think.

If you want to by pass the science, then skip ahead to the part “How Epigenetics Work”


So, what is epigenetics and how does it relate to gene expression?

  • Scientists define epigenetics as the study of heritable changes in gene function that occur without a change in DNA sequence. In plain English, this means that the environment affects gene expression without changing the original DNA gene inside the cell.
  • Epigenetics also shows that we are all unique, like a fingerprint is unique. The combination of the DNA from our parents plus our own experiences and exposures are uniquely our own.
  • Genes are specific and provide our bodies the instructions on how to make important proteins. Proteins that then carry out life functions for how you build, regulate, and maintain your body. These instructions determine how your body responds to food, exercise, stress, and toxins.

Think of DNA as our hardware and epigenetics as software.

  • What we are also learning is that while we have a lifetime exposure, much of this software gets installed at conception to approximately-7 years old
  • When I first learned this, I made it my life’s mission to spread the message about the importance of prenatal planning for both parents.  It also motivated me to write my best-selling book “Building Healthy Humans”.
  • Epigenetics Controls Genes. Certain circumstances in life can cause genes to turn off (becoming dormant) or turn on (becoming active). I view epigenetics as more of an ebb and flow.

Epigenetics Is Everywhere, the sum of your Environment.

 It is what you eat, where you live, who you interact with, what you are exposed to, when and how much you sleep, you exercise, the effects of trauma, toxic exposures and more…

You do not have to the wear the genes you were born with!

That is right! The right things in the right amount can turn off those not so good genes that you inherited.

Today you can choose many aspects of your environment and you can also find support and information from the many wearable devices on the market.

Modern Technology + Ancient Wisdom is the Future of Epigenetics

Personalized medicine is no longer on the fringe it is mainstream. The study of Nutrigenomics (how nutrition affects genes) is one of the ways you can learn how to optimize your potential.

A Generation of Hope : The Power of Epigenetics.

How does epigenetics work?

The story of Pottenger’s cats best illustrates how epigenetics works. Here is the short version of one of Dr. Pottenger’s experiments:

In this experiment he had three groups of cats:

The first group of cats was given food that is found in nature: meat, raw milk, and cod liver oil.

The second group of cats was given some foods that were found in nature with one variant, milk that was processed.

The third group of cats was given some of the same foods as the other two groups of cats, with two variants. Milk that was highly processed and had added sugar.

Dr. Pottenger then documented the changes he observed.

Can you guess the outcome?

The first group of cats flourished on their diet of natural unprocessed foods and produced healthy offspring.

The second group of cats not so much. He noticed that the first group of kittens born to these mama cats had decreased energy, personality changes, and obvious signs of tooth and gum decay.

The third and last group of cats on the diet of heat-processed milk with sugar added had many challenges. By the time the third generation of kittens was born, he noticed remarkable differences. This group of cats had allergies, asthmatic conditions, abscesses, and patchy fur. They also had anxiety disorders, hypothyroidism, and lacked coordination, and if they lived long enough, they were infertile.

Genes and poor diet were passed on from generation to generation, and the outcome was grim.

The good news is Dr P, conducted a fourth experiment.  He gave the second-generation cats from the third group, foods found in nature and it took a minute, however before too long they began to thrive.

Today we have these amazing technological tools to help us understand our unique personal profile. This data allows us to be healthy and be our best.

The solutions however are grounded in Ancient Wisdoms and in Nature. We can create a generation of hope by harnessing the power of epigenetics.

We are human and we are nature.

More than ever, we need to take a proactive approach to our health and optimize our wellbeing.

Your DNA does not define you, the small daily choices you make today can have a profound impact on your health tomorrow and forever.

So take charge and ownership of your wellbeing and together we can create a Generation of hope, a genetic trust fund for future Generation to come.

I hope you enjoyed this powerful and simple concept.  If you are looking for support and expert help, then please reach out as I am here to help.

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Have a healthy week and enjoy this cooler season.

Dr Pia