Overwhelmed by all the DATA ? Start with the Basics

Overwhelmed by all the DATA? Start with the Basics
I have been mulling over what to share with you this week… and I could geek out and talk about NAD+ and MSM and Cellular Biology, or Biohacking your Cells  etc etc.   However, with all that is going on in the world it all seemed like just too much.  So this week I am keeping it simple and going back to the basics.
The truth is that all the tech and scientific research is just telling us what we already know.
Food or should I say Whole Food is the right quantities that is absorbed is Medicine for the Body.


If what we ate, consumed/absorbed was just about calories then it would be simple  right? 
But food is not just calories or energy it is information, instructions that upgrade or downgrade your biology with every bite. 

Think of it like code that programs your software. Your hardware is your genes. Your software is how those genes are turned on or off. ⁣Or as I like to say your epigenome.

Food regulates not only your genes but also your hormones, like insulin, testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid. It alters your brain chemistry, producing happy chemicals, and as many know it can even trigger addictive patterns. ⁣( Think Sugar, alcohol, MSG, Diary etc etc )


You feed the 100 trillion bacteria living inside you with every bite and grow good bugs or bad. Food can create or stop inflammation, enhance or hurt your immune system. It provides the raw materials for your muscles, bones, brain, and every other part of your body. ⁣

So, what will you choose to eat today?⁣ 


Cleaning out the Pantry : Toss the foods that are loaded with chemicals. If you eat out or pick or get delivery just know that very few companies use good quality oils. So what does that mean? It means that you have to do some prep… Think of it this way… It gives you a break from the screen time  and nourishes you at the same time. LOL. Here is my cook once eat all week method incase you would like it.


Load up the Fridge with good for you foods: Studies show that if you have have a visual of good for you foods you are more likely to choose them. Yeah!!

Just 4-5 days of eating a clean diet positively affects your Microbiome and your Immune system. That’s huge right?

  1. Hydration: Most of us do not consume enough water.
  2. Lots of colorful Veggies: If you have a Histamine Intolerance then choose low H foods
  3. Protein: Clean and unprocessed
  4. Good Fats: Clean and unprocessed
  5. Herbs and Spices
  6. Nuts and seeds: ( I do not mean Peanuts).
  7. Fruits (I recommend eating fruit separately to other foods and not too much).


A recent study showed that 80% of the population takes supplements.

Quality and therapeutic rationale matters!!! If you are a Bio hacker or someone that jumps on the latest trends, you should test often to make sure that what you’re taking is good for you.

Fill in the Gaps with support that is concentrated whole food and herbs that the body/ cells know how to use for health.


  1. Digestive Support:  Zypan and Enzycore: ( under stress, digestion shuts down)
  2. Anti Inflammatory Support:  Oplrima EPA/ DHA , Boswelia Complex
  3. Sunshine and Immune Support : Cataplex D
  4. Energy and Mitochondrial support: Cataplex B, Super B, Cataplex B Core, B6 Niacinamide
  5. Stress and Hormonal Health: Ashwaganda Forte, Symplex F, Simple M
  6. Microbiome: Gut-Brain-Immune: Prosynbiotic, Strengthia, Sibotica, GI Synergy

Here’s how to shop for Quality proven brands that I use in my practice.

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Strengthia, Sibotica, GI Synergy, Super B
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