How you Think is as important to Health as the Supplements you Take

Trusting that (with the right strategies) your body can heal is essential to health as the supplements you take, the food you eat and the exercise you do.  When you don’t believe in yourself—when you question why you’re even bothering with all these different supplements and exercises—you set yourself up for failure.

Enjoy this article from Trish Ward: Couldn’t have said it better!

When I go for a walk on the beach and there’s a gentle breeze, I’m reminded that life is more than what we see. So much of what’s important in life is how we feel. Without the wind, the Earth would cease to exist. Without gravity, we’d all be floating in space. And without physical chemistry, we’d all be wandering around lonely and disconnected from the human experience of love.

I understand the profound importance of proper research to back up my recommendations; after all, it’s people’s health we’re dealing with, and that’s certainly not something to take lightly. Yet when I explain to my clients that their attitude, mindset, and intention is just as important as the well-researched nutritional supplements I’m suggesting, I’m often met with blank stares.

Intention and energy are important when it comes to your health.

Science-based medicine often stops where the “woo-woo” energetic side of things begins. But humans are 50 to 65 percent water, and some scientists and doctors have shown that water is sensitive to intention. If you tell yourself that you’re fat and ugly, your body will never be what you want, and your health will always be a challenge. But if you can find even a small amount of love for yourself and focus on that—you will get results.

Attitude is much harder to do a clinical trial on than Ginkgo biloba or omega-3s, but it’s just as important. There’s a certain mindset—a positive mindset—that you need to have when you’re ready to take charge of your health, and when you tap into it, your healing journey will become infinitely more transformative.

Start thinking about your thoughts.

How you choose to think is up to you. Changing your thoughts from self-deprecating to loving and kind will have a profound impact on your health. In my practice, I see that my clients who maintain a positive attitude full of hope and possibility experience transformation beyond their expectations.
When you feel horrible, or like your body is somehow against you, it’s terribly easy to get into a negative thought pattern. If you keep telling yourself and everyone around you that you’re a victim, that you’re sick and life is hopeless, you won’t be actively encouraging change at all. But if you keep affirming that you’re in the process of doing all that you can to become whole, healthy, and vibrant, you can meet yourself with compassion.

Remember, you are made of water, and water is impressionable. But that’s not all; your heart is just as sensitive to energy and intention.

The more positive emotions, the better.

The HeartMath Institute does amazing research on the human heart and the power of our thoughts and intentions. They’ve discovered that the heart’s electromagnetic field changes according to your emotions. Their research has also shown that positive emotions create positive physical effects in the body that go as far as boosting the immune system.

The more you can access positive emotional states the healthier you’ll be, and your thoughts play a significant role in this self-regulation. HeartMath uses technology to teach people to self-regulate, but meditation, mantras, affirmations, and tapping are a few ways you can reduce stress on your own.

Have some faith in your body’s amazing ability to heal.

Trusting that (with the right strategies) your body can heal is essential. When you don’t believe in yourself—when you question why you’re even bothering with all these different supplements and exercises—you set yourself up for failure.
Creating new thought patterns is the same as creating new habits. It takes concerted, consistent effort. But once you’ve gotten into the habit of speaking kindly to yourself you’ve got something far stronger than any pill on the market.

Accept responsibility for your own well-being, and train your mind to work with you.

In the mainstream scientific mindset, it’s easy just to blame genetics for all your issues. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., is a stem-cell biologist whose research has shown that our health goes way beyond our genes. He discovered through studying cells something that sages and shamans have believed for centuries: mind over matter. Positive emotions manifest in surprising ways, and by incorporating techniques like affirmations, journaling, and tapping, you can train your mind to work with you.

So believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to heal, and above all else, love your body, and it will love you back.