My Formula for Fast Healthy Food

Most folks tell me they don’t have time to eat healthy food!  I think you can’t afford not to, however I agree that  after a busy day at the office I don’t have a lot of time to cook from scratch every night.either.   I want to eat healthy and I want it fast,  so I have figured out a system that works for me so that I can have fast healthy food

Here’s a peak at my formula

  1. It had be super healthy food found in nature and organic
  2. There has to be variety
  3. Veggies and greens need to take up 65-75% of the bowl or plate

Here”s how I do it:

On Sunday I purchase the following: This takes me about 45mins to get to the different stores:

Greens: A big box of organic greens or three different kinds of dark leafy’s, add in a bunch of kale a bunch of parsley, and a  bunch of cilantro.

Veggies:  Roots,( carrots, beets, raddishes etc)  Squashes,( butternut, zucchini etc)  Onions all kinds, Mushrooms, Cruciferous, ( broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower etc. Add asparagus and a orange yam.

Fruits: Berries, apple and pears

Grains: Quinoa

Nuts and Seeds: Buy raw and organic and in small quantities

Fish and Fowl: Turkey already cooked from a trusted source and a fresh wild fish enough for two meals and 1/2 dozen eggs

Good Fat:  Avocado and olive oil if I need it.

Late Sunday afternoon Prep.

Turn oven to 400. while the oven is heating up I toast the nuts and seeds.  5-8minutes.  Then I roast two kinds of beets ( 30-40 mins). While the beets are roasting I lightly steam cruciferous veggies and sliced yam. I also wash and bag the leaves and  chop and bag carrots and radishes. When beets are done I roast some of the butternut squash the rest I cube and steam. while all that is going a put on a pot and cook the quinoa.

Total prep 60 minutes; Now I am set up for the week with just an occasional stop if we want additional fresh fish. Here is a sample of the evening meals for one week:

Sunday Night: Grilled white fish with grilled  zucchini, mushroom, and brussels sports with avocado

Monday Night: A big bowl of leaves with parsley, cilantro and kale, with toasted sunflower seeds, roasted beets and left over fish on top

Tuesday Night: Bowl with quinoa on bottom, rest filled with veggies that have been cooked a little in coconut milk and Thai spices

Wednesday Night: Grilled Salmon with grilled asparagus, and cauliflower and roasted squash with avocado

Thursday Night: Stir-fry:  Left over fish and anything that takes my fancy in the fridge. Here’s where you can add the good for you indian type spices like turmeric or cumin.  Layer over quinoa and add sprinkle of nuts on top

Friday Night: Fritta Night:  In a large skillet salted onions, garlic, left over asparagus and kale.  Then add in 6 whipped eggs and put in the oven for 8 minutes. (if you like cheese is a good place to add goat cheese) Take out and cool.  Serve with a big side of leafy green and a slice of avocado

Saturday Night: Leftovers: for me I can throw anything on top of a bowl of green leaves.

As you can see I have prepped almost everything so it is ready to go. Our evening meal is quick, healthy and easy and I can spend more time with family.

I hope this has been helpful?  Let me know what you think?