Wellbeing Forecast 2024: Plus My Thoughts

Wellbeing Forecast 2024: Plus, My Thoughts

As I prepare for 2024, I like to do a review of 2023. I caught myself for some moments thinking about the thing that I said I would do that I didn’t actual do! Yes, even though I preach the positive and celebrate the wins I am human and not perfect. (Thank goodness) Anyone else ?  I thought so. My fabulous husband reminded me of  all the amazing things that happened this year.  It was one of the best revenue and giving years we have had. We helped a lot of people and that is enough and worthy of celebrating!

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for not being all things to all people – or said another way, for not being perfect. But when you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done, it changes your perspective and allows greater things to come into being the following year.

With that said I like to look at the health and wellbeing forecasts each year and add my thoughts and comments.  I do this because often the information you get from the internet of things does not always connect the dots and is not in clinical practice.

Wellbeing Forecast 2024: Plus, My Thoughts

Bio Hacking Bros – Why biohacking isn’t just for “Bros”. Women have now entered the space.

The biohacking culture can easily become synonymous with hustle culture (some experts don’t even like to use the term, as it implies you can achieve optimal health with quick fixes). But as more women enter the biohacking space, we expect it to become more intuitive and less about hitting every single benchmark. From there, we predict women will focus more on sustainable changes long-term instead of a gazillion quick hacks.

My thoughts: I think of “biohacking” as the practice of making lifestyle tweaks to optimize health and promote longevity. Not shortcuts—contrary to popular belief—but low-lift, everyday habits that complement and enhance an existing well-being routine. Think: optimizing your exercise regimen using tools and techniques (the “biohacks”) to enhance muscle growth. It’s essentially all about advancing health with “do it yourself” biology—a topic that can pique anyone’s interest, regardless of gender.

You cannot biohack your ways past the basics and we need to be careful about our mindset on this.  What is sustainable and what is enough.

Wellbeing Forecast 2024: Plus, My Thoughts

MOVEMENT – The Future Of Movement Is Looking A Lot More Functional In 2024

How’s your grip strength? Can you get off the floor without using your hands? If you haven’t asked yourself these questions yet, you certainly will in the year ahead.
A lot more people are starting to lift heavier weights in the name of longevity. And as we’ve prioritized strength for life, questions of functional strength and mobility have come into play. In 2024, the predictions that more emphasis will be placed on mobility exercises that improve range of motion, eliminate pain, promote joint health, and reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

My thoughts:  Many of you know that I am a big fan of making sure we have three elements of Functional Movement in our daily routines:  Cardiovascular (VO2 Max), Flexibility and Strength. It is important to be consistent and not give up if you have an injury.  Get back on the functional movement train as soon as you can. To me Functional Movement is also about connecting the body and the brain.  So pay attention to your body signal and your limiting thoughts. Last it is never too late to start.

Wellbeing Forecast 2024: Plus, My Thoughts

FOOD FORECAST – High-protein diets are challenging diet culture

The term “dieting” often implies limiting one’s food intake (and therefore protein intake) to drop the number on the scale. And diet culture has historically tricked us into believing that achieving weight loss of any kind is good, regardless of what type of body mass we’re losing.

You see, eating protein-rich foods provides the body with the amino acids it needs to build all-important skeletal muscle. Having high levels of lean muscle mass increases your metabolic rate (since muscles burn more calories at rest than fat) and helps protect you from falls, fractures, and osteoporosis as you age. If you’re not eating enough protein, you won’t have the building blocks your body needs to maintain this all-important muscle mass.

My thoughts: If you are new to adding more protein to your diet then I suggest you first have a look at the amount you are currently eating and then add slowly at 5 grams a week.   Adding protein should also mean that you are consuming less sugar and simple carbs. The other thing to consider is can you digest the additional protein? If you already have digestive issues then you would benefit from adding in support like HCL and Enzymes, otherwise that extra protein will feel like a brick.  You are what you consume however you are also what your digest and absorb.

Wellbeing Forecast 2024: Plus, My Thoughts

BEAUTY – High-tech and Lifestyle dermatology becomes more relevant than ever.

Ultimately it’s understandable why we’ve focused so much attention on the skin—it’s much easier to fix and treat in some ways. Just slather on a cream and you’ll magically fade away dark spots and erase wrinkles, we’re promised. But aging and facial aesthetics is so much more than that.

Ideally, in the future we’ll better understand that how we care for our bones, muscles, lymph, and bodies is intrinsically linked to how we age—not just because it affects the skin, but because it influences our facial appearance.

As for the future of facial treatments, we’ll see technologies that address things like fat and bone loss, by using the power of stem cells and PLP from our own bodies to regrow them. Of course, we’ll still use technologies that exist today—such as radiofrequency, neuromodulators, lasers, and the like—just used with more sophistication and discernment.

My thoughts: Having glowy skin without wrinkles has been having a moment for a longtime.  The past few years with all the Zooms have elevated it even more.  If you are having skin issues and premature aging then you need to see this as a message that other barriers are also having issues.

The skin is your outer barrier and a refleection of your inner barriers. There are some low cost things you can do to improve your skin:  Hydration is a big one, Movement is another, eating the nutrients the skin needs in its simplest closest to nature form. (Collagen, Colostrum, Protein, Vitamin C as an example). You should also consider the inner barriers and stress.

Wellbeing Forecast 2024: Plus, My Thoughts

LIFESTYLE – Restorative Travel and “Greener” bio diverse gardens.

Well-being isn’t just about what’s in your fridge or supplement cabinet. It extends to how you move through the world and care for those around you. In the lifestyle category, we’re predicting big shifts in how we tend to our gardens, care for our pets, and take vacations in 2024 and beyond. In the years ahead, we expect to see more people relaxing in biodiverse backyard landscapes and trekking on “walking retreats” abroad.

Travel is changing. Where they once sought escape through indulgence, today’s tourists seek restoration. They want to come home well rested, not in need of a detox.

The Global Wellness Institute predicts that the wellness tourism industry will grow more than 20% in each coming year, reaching a value of $1.1 trillion by 2025.
The effects are threefold: new kinds of vacations are emerging centered around nature, movement, and connection; luxury hotels are increasing their preventive health and longevity offerings, and more affordable properties are adopting well-being amenities. In 2024, the need to get away will persist, but the definition of escape will evolve.

My thoughts: Many of you know I have had the good fortune to have traveled a lot throughout my life. A lot for work and a lot for pleasure. Due the a lot for work travel, the pleasure travel was always about restoration LOL. I love the idea of experiencing a place, the people, the food and culture rather than ticking off all the must sees. There are low-cost options available if you are creative.  My tip is that you build in some days to wander and nourish yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed this year’s review of the 2024 wellbeing forecast and my thoughts?

Have a happy healthy rest of 2023 and as I wish for peace for all in 2024.

Dr Pia