The Sticky Truth about Halloween Candy. Trick or Treat?

I was reading a stat the other day that said that adults eat 44% of the halloween candy sold!!! Instead of saying Trick or Treat, we should say Those Treats are Tricks! One Treat leads to another and then another and before you know it there are candy wrappers everywhere. The Sticky truth about halloween Candy is that it kicks up those darn  sugar cravings and trashes your immune system.

I know that you all agree that focusing on keeping your immune system strong during the up coming expanded holiday season should be a top priority.

Right?  and Yes!  Here is the thing though… You have to say no to all those sugary treats, simple carbs and candy.  I know that it is almost impossible for many of us due to those pesky sugar cravings.

So if we want our kids and our family to have a healthy immune system we have to set a good example.  I thought it would be helpful  to understand why we have sugar cravings and then learn what can we do to crush them.  Yes? Ok then!

Learn why and how to Crush Sugar Cravings and Improve your Health

  1. Cold Turkey.  That is right don’t eat it.  Most of you are laughing at me and saying no way.  For many of us that seems impossible and if that is the case then maybe it is necessary until you can actually feel like you have a choice to say no.
  2. The more sweet you eat the more you want.  What you eat first impacts your next meal.  It is the second meal phenomena.  If you start your day with desert ( cereal, fruit, and a sugary coffee) then the more you will want at the next meal.  The desert for breakfast type meal causes your blood sugar to spike and then crash which is the metabolic reason for the need for sugar at the next meal.
  3. Sugar destroys your Gut Microbiome causing yeast and a depressed immune system.  Yeast is very demanding and it takes some discipline to get the overgrowth under control.  Fortunately there are some great products out there that can help. We offer a 10 day program that helps you cut the sugar and the cravings.  The program also improves your immune system  so you don’t start 2020 10-15 lbs overweight. For info
  4. Stress and anxiety cause you to crave sugar.  Have you noticed that when you are stressed and anxious you want sugar or a glass of wine to calm down???  Stress causes Serotonin to drop,  Too much stress for too long not only affects Mood but also digestive issues like gas, bloating, and digestive unrest. These are the symptoms associated Leaky Gut.
  5. This is a vicious cycle which is perpetuated during the holiday season.  Notice what stresses you out and ask why… For me it is usually trying to do too much… I am learning to keep it simple.  For you it might be something different… maybe saying no to things and people that are not serving you.  Or letting go of the need to control a situation… Take the time to learn about yourself and it will help not only curb the cravings, it will also improve mood, and digestion.
  6. You could start slow but start today!  If you are someone who consumes a lot of carbs and sugar and the P10 is too drastic for you.  Start by adding in more good fats, fiber, non starch veggies and protein at each meal so that slow the release of blood sugar and switch over to a fat burner instead of a sugar burner.

I hope this post has been helpful please share and I also hope that it has motivated you to re think your relationship with simple carbs and sugar.

Get a jump on 2020 by not having to recover from the holiday treats…

BTW before I go… If you are planning to start a family in 2020, then start now and get your blood sugar and stress in balance.  It is the number one reason couples struggle to conceive quickly.

I know BOO HOO …Have a healthy week

Dr Pia