A Request and A Result

This week I have a specific request and I also wanted to share the result of hard work and dedication.

I also realized this week that I have been sending out a weekly blog for years… 10 years plus a few months to be exact.  Wow that is a lot of blogs and a lot of content!  My goal with the weekly blog post is to provide you with  tips. tools and ideas that will improve your life and the lives of those you love and care for.

I also try to get real about what is trendy or the latest quick fix for all and give you the science behind it so that you can make the health decisions that are right for you. Decisions that get a real result.

To quote one of my early mentors who said it best.

” I am here to provide evidence based information and coaching to help empower you to implement the lifestyle choices YOU CHOOSE. It will always be up to you! I don’t judge you ever.  I will give you information so you can judge your own choices. A good Doctor empowers patients to be able to do this through education and caring”


Now that you have the framework on to to the request part.

Most of the blog topics come from questions or concerns that I hear in the office or from information that I hope will empower in some way.

With that being said I have never formally asked.


Please take a quick minute to answer my request and let me know.  I know that if you have a question or there is  something you want to learn or know more about so do others.

Ask me anything!  Go ahead even if it seems crazy…

I promise to keep it anonymous. I am so excited that I am finally doing this and I am also wondering

“what took me so long to formally ask?”  Like 10 years too long!

Over the coming weeks you can look forward to the answers.


On another note I wanted to share this note from one of my patients.  I love that it is so real and shows courage… change is not easy and there are ups and downs but if you stick with it you get a result over time. Health is a journey.

Good Afternoon Dr. Pia Martin,

I wanted to let you that I am very thankful for you helping me getting my body back on track. I have lost 25 lbs. it has not been easy , it has been a tough battle but I have myself in a great routine where I am swimming 1.5 miles and running 12 miles per week. This has been a 2 year work in progress and I have not felt better in my life a little sore but I am used to it now. I hope you are doing well and God Bless you.  Thanks,

Last week we talked about how Routines that can drive positive results so if you missed it here it is www.drpia.com/blog .

Have a great week and click the Routines link to get some other fun ideas  and again I look forward to hearing from you with your questions.

Be Healthy!

Dr Pia