The Fertile Ground: A Free Event

What is The Fertile Ground Event??
Most of you know that I am on a mission to help and support prospective parents with the tools and information they need to Build Health Humans.  With that in mind we have created a Free Community Event that will be content rich, with blueprints for success and  with lots of giveaways. We also want attendees to have a rich experience that can only truly happen when we all come together in one space sharing and learning  from each other. Did I mention that the Event is FREE!!!
Please see the event details below.  I Invite you to pass on this information to those who could use OR benefit from this event.
Thanks for supporting on my mission.
Dr Pia

The Fertile Ground Event: Manifesting Your Fertility

How to prepare for pregnancy using our 10 Step Healthy Pregnancy Planner

We will also be reviewing the role of epigenetics, diet, supplements, lifestyle and much much more.

When: Date: April 27th. 2019 From: 9:30 am -11:30 am

Where: Location: 11622 El Camino Real #100.  San Diego. CA 92130

This is a FREE EVENT for prospective parents:

Who believe that it is important to plan for pregnancy

Who are a little overwhelmed and fearful and don’t know where to start

Who are struggling to conceive and it’s taken longer than planned

Who have been on birth control for a while and want a smooth transition

Who are highly motivated and want to start building their own Family Manifesto

Why:  I want to prospective parents to feel empowered to make conscious and mindful choices so that they can build and bring a happy healthy human into the world.

Each attendee will receive:

  • A Free copy of Dr. Pia’s best selling book “Building Healthy Humans”
  • A Free Digital Copy – The Ultimate Protein Guide
  • Sample the Fertility Smoothie and receive this nutrient rich recipe
  • Two attendees will have the opportunity for to take the HOT SEAT and ask your burning questions.
  • The 10 step Pregnancy Planner

Seating is limited: Register early!  This event will fill up and yes you can bring a partner/ friend

There is nothing more powerful that connection and sharing with others