My Top Supplement Picks

I am often asked ” What are my Top Supplement Picks”?  Questions like what should I take and why? If I wanted to cover my bases what would be my top go to recommendations or what is the minimum I should consider for overall health?

First let me say that nothing beats eating well.  Lots of veggies and green leaves, good fats, clean lean proteins, nuts and seeds and low glycemic fruits.  That being said we need to provide additional support due to increased exposure to toxins, artificial light, electronics, poor sleep, and chronic stress.  We need to give our bodies the fuel it needs to recover and repair.

Here in the office we offer high quality brands that have been vigorously tested and have been shown to be beneficial.  I have spend hundreds of hours at seminars  learning about our offerings and I continue to strive to offer more… We have also hundreds of success stories from my patients.  They get well and stay well!   I also have to admit that I also use myself  as a little bit of a lab rat… OK with all that said,  if you can’t make it into the office for whatever reason and want to be sure you get high quality support, then these are the Top 5 picks  I can recommend for just about everyone.  These supplements can be purchased from my online store.  All new orders get 20% off and then 10% on going.  Easy, High Quality and Doctor recommended.


Ultra Flora Balance

A Probiotic with multiple strains of beneficial bacteria.  Chronic stress, plus antibiotic use destroys our beneficial bacteria in our Gut.  We need to replenish the good bacteria so our immune system stays strong, our digestion works as it should and therefore so does our brain. These are a must if you are going to be  traveling.

Omega Genetics

Omega 3 acts as an antiflammotory.  The research on fish oils is extraordinary, showing benefits across the board from decreased risk for heart disease and cancer to lowering triglycerides, improving joint mobility, decreasing insulin resistance and improving brain function and mood.  This formula has a good ratio of EPA/DHA.  Most of us are not getting enough of the natural sources of Omega 3 due to concerns around mercury in fish and the ingestion of too much seed oils.

A Multi/Mineral

We talked earlier about the increase in toxins in our world.  The best way for the body to be able to get rid of toxins is to make sure we get lots of minerals in our diet.  Minerals bind to metals and toxins and then take them safely out of the body via the colon, the kidney and the skin. Minerals also support the parasympathetic nervous system which helps you feel calm.  Minerals are also alkaline and therefore offset acidity in the body.  Everyone can benefit for this product called MultiGenics

Methylated B Vitamins/Complex

The B vitamins drive many of the enzymatic pathways in the body.  The B vitamins provide us with energy, support heart health, support the nervous system, help with healthy homocysteine levels, and support blood glucose balance.  Many of the pharmaceutical drugs today deplete stores of B vitamins in particular, Diuretics used to support blood pressure.  If you are planning to have a child the B’s are super important in particular vitamin B9 known as  Folate.

It is suggested that nearly 40% of us have the MTHFR Genetic mutation.  I mention this because it is super important that the B vitamins you take are in the  Methylated form.  If you have the MTHFR gene and you take a synthetic version of Folate know as Folic Acid it would be harmful and cause your symptoms to worsen.  It is also possible that you are low in B12.  If you follow a plant based diet you will need to support your body with this product called Glycogenics a well rounded methylated B Complex.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually a Hormone and it is important for a healthy immune system, for brain health and to help support the other organs in the endocrine system.  Many of us do not get enough safe amounts of sunlight or we do not live in area where there are many hours of sunshine each day.  The medical community has jumped onboard and has begun testing Vitamin D as part of your yearly physical and the results have shown that many of you were in the low range of normal or worse, really low.  I would always suggest that if you can get out in nature and enjoy 15/20 minuets of sunshine each day.   If that is not possible then you should supplement with Vitamin D.

Adrenal/ Stress Support

I had to add one more to the list.  Anxiety, Depression , Sleep disorders and Stress related symptoms are the number one reason for almost all doctors visits today.  Non adapted Stress is at the Root cause of most disease.  If you are having issues with Stress management then I recommend you seek support and in addition consider adrenal support.

The support can come in form of an adaptogen like Ashwaganda, Holy Basil, Chamomile etc.  These plant based products help your body adapt to stressful or perceived stressful situations.  They help calm the nervous system.  If you are planning a family or pregnant these herbs are not for you.  I would suggest other formulations.These are my top supplement picks for wellbeing.  They are also my picks for as a base line for prenatal health for both Mom and Dad.  Some of you might want to also add Digestive support to your plan.

I hope this has been helpful?  Please take advantage of the discount and the knowing that the supplements you purchase are of a high quality,  doctor recommend and tested.  Go to and click on the link in the upper right hand corner to take you my online store.  Your are also  invited to come in for a visit if you would like discuss your unique health situation.  You can also book online.

As always have a great week!  Happy Easter and take it easy with the Candy!

Best Dr Pia